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    Returning from a few year absence and need some advice!

    So I stopped playing around the beginning of Cataclysm, and I have no idea of the state of classes and pvp nowadays.

    I would normally read forums, but we all know they are usually filled with posts of whining. What is pvp like these days? is it relatively balanced or are a certain few classes/specs kicking everyone's butt?

    Also, I have an 85 paladin, 85 mage, and 84 rogue; which of these would be the best choice to main in MoP for pvp? Or should I think about leveling another class altogether (I have been thinking about leveling one of those shiny new Monks, and I have wanted to level a shaman or druid in the past).

    Thanks for any and all serious advice

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    in pvp the gear is now really balanced but the classes are not.
    i would only lvl the paladin if you want to play a healer. tage the mage or the rogue both are good right now.
    the biggest problem is the burst. some players will kill your new 90 in 1 stun or even globen them.

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    You do realise you are on the professions forum?

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    I've moved this over to the PvP section

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    Pick my class threads are not allowed here.
    Locking this.

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