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    Blizzard should launch some kind of teasure site for next expansion...

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    Oh I would love to see the return of Gul'dan!
    It seems very unlikely however, and alot of reasons why he can't return, even more not to join the Horde :C

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenzikus View Post
    One of the few expansion ideas I actually like!
    Quote Originally Posted by D R E A D E D View Post
    this is so awesome

    I really love the tier gear. Better than a lot of stuff Blizzard has released lately
    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    I love the amount of detail you went to and as a fan i appreciate your work. Keep it up!
    I appreciate all the interest and comments guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by Klaxxar View Post
    Could you do some hair styles for the Ogres and facials for males?
    I wouldn't mind seeing some customization in the race to, and how would the classes work out for these two races?
    I know mostly already I want for my Ogres to be, and what about Arrokoa or the bird people classes can be?
    Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time anymore, but I'd love to see other people add some art here. In case you missed it there was a sick Female Ogre concept piece from Yak here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Plot View Post
    All I know is that playing a Summoner Mage would bring back so many fond memories of my childhood where I played Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1 and rolled with the Summoner job. Good times, good times.
    FFT, FF7 and FF8 were huge parts of my early gaming years and definitely inspired the Summoner idea for the mage.

    Quote Originally Posted by SL8ER View Post
    NOOOOOO!!!!! why u no leave your original post up?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jtree View Post
    Ro9ue: great troll, or greatest troll?
    Yeah, so there was this Rise of the Legion Reddit thing trending, sorry to whoever posted it, but I figured this was a great opportunity to troll a lot of people. Besides, I was bad at updating the OP and would rather people look through the whole thread and see all of the ideas, the discussion, other artworks, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    I appreciate all the interest and comments guys.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time anymore, but I'd love to see other people add some art here. In case you missed it there was a sick Female Ogre concept piece from Yak here.
    It would be nice if there was female Ogre NPCs and Blizzard finally actually considering making them into the game.
    Reconsidering these masks to in which you can finally pick up a Ogre Male and Ogre Female mask for Hallow's End would be sweet, and now to there is a place to called Ogrezonia with large giant Ogre Females, and its like any possibly to for the Ogres.
    I could imagine Blizzard doing different hair styles for the Ogre Females to and even the males to, in which mostly the hair styles could look like this to;
    For the Horde!

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    If you miss the original post, SirBannix explains it pretty well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    If you miss the original post, SirBannix explains it pretty well.
    well for me this is more likely to be a new expansion (we have leaks!!)

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    I'm guessing it will be all about the Titans... think Ulduar but on a grander scale. Now that'd be awesome. I'd like to meet them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipoststuff View Post
    If they decide for new races i hope it'll be

    Centaurs for the horde

    Keeper of the grove/dryads for the alliance

    Would never happen, the Tauren and centaurs are sworn enemies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    Underground is the coolest idea, you should definitely check out the Spider Kingdom thread. Golden Yak did a hell of a job fleshing out the possibilities of something like that.
    And because of that kind of detail, such an expansion will never be. Blizzard can't even do anything even remotely related tangentially to that fan-work without a risk of lawsuit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelangel View Post
    And because of that kind of detail, such an expansion will never be. Blizzard can't even do anything even remotely related tangentially to that fan-work without a risk of lawsuit.
    Any fan work is already derivative of Blizzard's property. They can do what they please with any of it.

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    Maybe... there will be no new race

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    I have had this theory on Legion politics since BC, that could be the primary plot to a legion expansion.

    The Legion had three primary leaders: Archimonde, Mannoroth, and Kil'jaeden. Two of those were destroyed by the forces of Azeroth, and the third returned humiliated and disgraced after a failed summoning at the Sunwell. Since then, the various demon lords have refused to follow Kil'jaeden, thinking him too weak to lead the Legion. A decade of infighting has failed to reveal a replacement, and Sargeras has yet to show himself, but there is one thing that a prospective Lord of the Legion could do to bring all the various factions under their rule: destroy Azeroth. Conquer the planet that has thwarted the Legion, not once, but three (maybe more depending on how you count it) times. So one of the lords gets antsy and rolls out an invasion, and boom! We have an expansion.

    This set up leads to, in my opinion, a much more interesting story then if the Legion were to just attack. Instead we have opportunities for intrigue, treachery, politicking, and other maneuverings within the context of fighting endless waves of demonic Invaders. Expansion opens with the antsy, paltry, badly planned invasion that is easily thwarted in a pre-expansion event. Wrynn then calls up the new Warchief (whoever it's going to be) and suggests a united coalition to take the fight to the Legion. Thus a planar expansion where the different zones are different Legion controlled worlds and/or planes. As events unfold and the political situation of the Legion becomes clear several Azerothian figures might make their own bids for control over the Legion.

    On a related note, back in Cata, there was talk that after the Draenei, Blizzard felt that adding new races needed better lead in and context within the extended 'verse. With that in mind, we can look to the side plots of Cata and MoP to see what the new races are likely to be. My guess? High Elves, coalesced under Vareesa Windrunner and operating out of Dalaran (with cosmetic options that suggest half-elves), switching out the Warlock and Paladin classes for Druid and/or Shaman, emphasizing a majority of their populous coming from the Ranger's that were active participants in the second war and banished from Belvish culture after the transition. This is shaky for mechanical reasons rather then lore reasons in my opinion, but I think the Dalek rule will hold true here (if it's popular, it will happen). As for the Horde? I think there is grounds for a Dragonkin (Half-Dragon) race, led by Wrathion. The little whelpling, after failing to unite the world under the Alliance banner due to Wrynn's moment of benevolence, decides to take a more active role in world events, the so called "age of Mortals" be damned, and gathers together the Black Dragonkin, formerly working for Neltharion, and aligns himself with the Horde, out of pure spite against Varian Wrynn and thinking the new Warchief will be easier to manipulate. He'll go along with the party line while the Legion is threatening, but should show some interesting story a few expansions later. Dragonkin can have an option to disguise themselves as another race out of combat (suggesting that they might already have been active as Wrathion's lackeys during MoP), as well as a breath attack racial.

    Just my take on it, anyway. And where did the Original post go?

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    And I want Suramar and Tomb of Sargeras, raised from the ocean.
    Not so large content for the whole expansion, but seems good for future patch, i suppose :-)
    Do you guys remember mission in WC 3 TFT ?

    Where Meiv stalked Illidan and met a Stormreaver hermit orc (Stormreaver clan, led by Gul Dan, "betrayed" horde during the siege of Storm and the ships sailed to seek the Tomb of Sargeras), so that mission was a great adventure in a sunken temple, and as i remember, we can collect 9 pieces of weapon-sphere, and escape from Illidan's earthquake in the end of mission.

    You can dream up!

    A couple of fractions

    Horde - Stormreaver Clan Hermits.

    The remains of the old Horde, sailed with Gul Dan on these tropical islands long ago.
    Generally not aware of the news and events, that are happening in the world - almost like Maghar.
    Those are mostly representing with warlocks and shamans. Friendly ogres, a la Ogrilla - ChoGall was a protégé of Gul Dan, do you remember ?

    Alliance - Naisha's Squadron.

    Military Corps of the Night Elves.
    Naisha's Troops, who was a Maiv's leutenants and, they say, she has died in the collapse of the Tomb of Sargeras.
    There are many Guardians (those who were watching Fandral in the initial quests in Hyjal Cataclysm), the friendly stone giants as well among that Corps.
    Constantly at war with the local Nagas.

    Tomb of Sargeras.

    Strictly speaking, the raid.
    Based on the same mission of WC3 TFT.
    Linear, with an entourage and textures of the ancient city in the algae (R'lyeh same!)

    In the beginning, we are led to the instance by the old orc hermit ( back again to the same Wc3 TFT mission), I forgot his name, he is "the narrator," such as Brann in Ulduar.

    Bosses here:

    1) Skeleton Crew/ or some ancient unit, spawning skeletons (try to remember, it was extra task on this mission)
    Then our orc-narrator dies, so we killed these skeletons and saved the souls of his friends - and we go inside the temple.

    2) Fellguard gate guard with a pair of adds-Felhunter.

    3) Turtle / hydra (everything is in Throne of Storms, however) sea dragon / ALL TOGETHER! Maybe, council-style.

    4) The lost and strayed (surely, the evil and hating everyone), the ghost of some night-elf and her "pet" - a stone giant.

    5) Oh, man, where's NAGA in deep-water styled dungeon? Water witch + Warlord naga. Two bosses like dragons in the Cata's Bastion of Twilight.

    6) The spirit of Gul'dan. Skeletal Orc Warlock Summoner.

    7) Naisha. It turns out that she did not die with Temple's collapse, lol, and she became obsessed with Sargeras, after she saw the Eye of Sargeras before Illidan steal it.


    8) Raid time-run from the instance.
    There's no boss, only traps and so on.

    Enjoy :-)

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    shit. The designers has no imagination, no care for depth and there is not a solid hope that they'll be changing. They have admitted their opinions and their thinking is evident in their decisions and the state of the game. WoW didn't turn out to be the brilliant game I thought it would be lore wise and gameplay wise. Just Ghostcrawler getting scared of subscriber lost and decided to suck up to everything and Metzen handing over writting to Kossack to create a more "fan like" story. Blah. I'm sick and tired of this game, this love hate relationship has to end, expansions last freaking years and were left in shitty half satisfying conditions for such long times and most if not all to me didn't pay off. No nothing brilliant, just wasted time. If next expansion isn't good, good riddance, I'm playing never winter, and I may not even play Titan by the attitude their giving it will probably be shit too.

    I think just the fact that the subscription base dropped significantly and with the releasing of new content faster and the subscriptions still expected to drop proves once and for all that Ghostcrawlers approach was wrong! No one will be interested if the game is too dumb! Were not crack addicted idiots, we're not gonna keep playing games that has no benifit for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Rider View Post
    Blizzard should launch some kind of teasure site for next expansion...
    An ARG for expansion info would be quite fun with such an active, large community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    Boom rise of the legion login!

    why you edit something that doesnt belong to you? isnt it against copyrights?

    the name itself, rise of the legion, the shittest name for expansion ever, somebody before said
    "reich of the legion", haha lol
    stop it dude

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    Dunno if it was ever pointed out but that login screen was the original login screen idea for Cataclysm. Which they showed back at the Blizzcon prior to Cata's release. Which is that pic right there, hence the 4.0 internal version and 2004-2010 copyright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post

    That's actually bit funny giggle!

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    What happened to your old pictures and ideas and such, ro9ue? :<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jambomoon View Post
    And I want Suramar and Tomb of Sargeras, raised from the ocean.
    I like your ideas. Very interesting.

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