1. Levels up in the "Twilight" Realm (1:1 Mirror Image of WoW e.g. running back to corpse)
2. Inns are the Spirit Healers
3. Gain Reputation with Spirit Healers
4. Faction Leaders are Cairne Bloodhoof, Danath, Orgrim Doomhammer etc.
5. Racial: Echo of Tirisfal Glades
6. Abilty to commune with the living
7. Racial: Posses Mob/Player (Take on Cosmetic Appearance)
8. Corpse Run=appearing in the material world
9. Commune with the dead: witness Arthas speaking to his father in Throne Room
10. Quests include assisting the soul of Morladim laid to rest
11. Neutral Mobs in Graveyards
12. Mount=Mob/Player having been possessed
13. See the Living; They can't see you
14. Stand near Living they receive emote: "You get the feeling someone or something's eyes are piercing into your soul like daggers
15. Two new factions: Heaven (Angels) and Hell (Demon)
16. Heaven capital city = Vortex Pinnacle-like city ruined by Uther the Lightbringer
17. Hell capital city = Undercity on crack 2.0 ruled by Orgrim Doomhammer
18. Can switch sides at any time by doing good vs. bad Hated/Exalted rep
19. Walk through locked doors
20. Player needs at least one level 90 on their account to unlock the Spectre
21. Spectre must NOT touch water; doing so and turns into Living Spectre
22. Living Spectre MUST kill another Living [non-spectre] Player or Mob and inhale soul to transform into death Spectre again
23. Sunlight DoTs living Spectre/Moon HoT death Spectre
24. Flight Form = Gargoyle
25. Living Spectre can cast Stone Form to HoT in Sunlight/Passive/Immoveable
26. Enemy player can crush head of Stone Form of Living Gargoyle; Spectre must corpse run
27. Spectre can Haunt buildings causing Player to randomly run in fear [Spectre must be sitting in chair]
28. Instances include upside-down/inverted Karazhan
29. City: Outlands Black Temple; Northrend Naxxramus
30. 1-10 starting zone = Anq'araj; Anubarak ends the quest line with "From here you must chose either Heaven or Hell but tread lightly for even if you do chose Heaven you'll surely be put through Hell"
31. Quest: "Danath's Inferno"
32. Upside Down Sinners and Goldshire children serve as portals