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    What do you guys spend your Justice Points on?

    Hello everyone!

    Besides buying Heirlooms, wich i don't really need anymore... I've been spending my JP on the Cataclysm Cloth '' Embersilk '', then just AH'ing it.

    What do you guys spend your JP on besides Heirlooms?
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    Pet battle stones.7
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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    You already mentioned heirlooms - besides that, Tier sets! I'm collecting all of them, some require JP to buy them - T9 through T12 in particular, and some T8 pieces. Other than that, there are a few mounts you can buy with Justice and Honor points (JP > HP convert).

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    Majestic Zircons and cardinal rubies which I send to my JC to make agi/int/str and stam gems which sell anywhere between 150-200. And I buy all the BOE bracers and sell for 500g a piece. Been doing the gems since MOP launch and prob made a good 10-15k off those alone. And bracers I just started a few months ago and prob around 10-15k with those also. Not a huge amount but better then nothing.

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