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    Eternal flame stacks

    With the changes in 5.3 how many stacks are you guys giving your eternal flames?

    Normaly i try to cover 4 to 5 ppl with Eternal flames with 2 holy power on them.. And i keep the beacon on the Main tank..

    But i see somw people say they use just one stack of holy power to cover more ppl even if the eternal flame generated is of lower power..

    So what do you guys use? 3 holy power 2.. or 1 holy power Eternal flames?

    Just to make it clear i raid in 10 mans (:
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    It entirely depends on the situation

    On off-tanks I try to do 2HP, on myself and the MT 3HP and then on some fights with heavy single target spike I'll save 3HPs for that point, otherwise I'll blanket the raid with 1's or 2's depending on how much AoE damage there is

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    depends on the fight lately. I was on the whole 3hp or no hp stance. But certain fights mechanics have left me changing that pov. I'm doing something similar to was Xs mentioned above

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