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    HM Tortos 25m tanking help

    Hey guys, looking for some advice for HM tortos. We did our first night of progression on him last week and we're hoping to kill it this week. But we're still unsure of what to do regarding tanking the bats. We've tried tanking and killing them, we've also tried kiting them. But either way the tank keeps dying.

    Tankish ppl we have at our disposal include: 2 main tank pallys (yeah our main tanks are both pallys lol), 2 os druid tank, 1 os blood dk. I know a lot of ppl have used monk, we have no WW or BM monk, just 2 healing monks.

    We've tried having one of the pally tanks on the boss and the other tanking the adds. We've tried having the pally add tank kite the adds. We've tried sitting the add tank and having our dk tank or and kite the adds as blood and unholy respectively. I think the dk had the easiest time of it until he would get hit by a turtle then the adds would catch him and he'd die.

    Bottom like is nothing rly seemed to be working.. what tanks have your guilds used to kill this? And did you kill the bats or kite them or both?

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments about how fail we are?
    Ty in advance =)

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    If you're going to kill the adds, it's best to make sure that you cycle CDs on that tank. Also, cycling stuns on the bats once they have been grabbed to make sure they do not hit the tank and heal up. That's really about it. Kick a turtle or two into them as well and nuke them down.

    If you're going to kite them, use a monk to toss booze on them and keep kiting. A frost DK in Blood Presence with Chillblains is also great for kiting for the constant slow.

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