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    can i link simcraft results to a friend?

    as the title says is it possilbe to link simcraft results to friends.

    not sure i posted this thread in right place.

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    Not that I know of. Maybe there's a way you could Print Screen and show them that.

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    You can't show the whole page unless you take a screenshot and upload it to a website (that's what I do).

    If you want just a simple graph, right click it copy link address. All those graphs are uploaded to a google document or something. It's annoying to link all of them since the URLs are so huge, though.

    But really, I suggest taking a screenshot. Easiest thing by far if you're doing more than 4 graphs.

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    Oh I lied. I only take screenies if I'm showing a bunch of people. If it's one friend I just take a picture with my phone and text it to them lol. (Seriously.)

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    Are we talking about this ?
    After simulation press save and upload the file (600Kb)
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    Save the file, open it with notepad (or alike) and copypaste its content to an html hosting site, such as http://pastehtml.com/

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