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    Warriors aren't bad in duels. Just gotta manage your cds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rxu View Post
    Warriors aren't bad in duels. Just gotta manage your cds
    you probably didnt fight skilled and geared ppls!

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    The only class/spec I duel while feeling really confident that I'll win is Unholy dks, Fury warriors, Affli locks (though not a whole lot play affli)

    ^ Assuming that the ones I duel are above average when it comes to skill.

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    That's so funny when Warriors cry about how weak they are in 1v1. And then check casters forums and they all cry how impossible it is to defeat a Warrior in 1v1
    SPs, Warlocks, Shamans all asks for tips how to kill a Warrior, with exception of Mage. Also there are many ret paladins who have been asking for advice how to beat a warrior, Some Rogues can't even go through Seconfd Wind and so on ...
    Every clas is crying about their own weaknesses in 1v1 ...
    Check Shadow Priest forums for example and they will tell you they are the weakest 1v1 spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsword View Post
    Fun fact 2: We are no longer in vanilla, stop chanting the old BS, we are not stronger than any other dps who is backed up by a healer.
    I miss the days when I could run around behind my warrior friend on my resto druid and change entire battle ground outcomes...

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