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    Marked Flawless Battle-Stone - On whom?

    Did The Longest Day yesterday, which quite literally took me the entire day to do after the 5.3 buffs to legendary pets... After opening a ticket with a GM and getting my reward (it's bugged and doesn't award properly) I'm curious, what would be the wisest pet to use this stone on, or should it be saved? Since the reward itself is a bit... Lackluster, I want to make sure I use it to the best of my ability.

    I already have a rare quality Unborn Val'kyr, which would have been my first choice since it's 'rare' to find one. Any ideas, or if not, what have you used it on?
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    The stone isn't any different from regular flawless battlestones in function.

    hence follows the same prio for me:

    Pets only available as uncommon (vendor pets, quest rewards)
    Pets that are hard to catch but you have a correct build non rare of (things like minifernal and unborn valkyr)
    Hard to catch, wrong build pets
    anything you'd want as rare but dont have as rare.

    Since it applies to all families, i'd pick the family you lack the most stones for to make everything of the highest prio category into a rare.
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