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    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    A lot of people in this thread can't read or don't understand the RP purpose of a hearthstone.

    As the old saying goes, home is where the hearth is. However, the Shrine of Seven Stars is hardly my home, Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands is where I call home, but it would be impractical to set my hearthstone there.

    This isn't about flying, travel time, convenience, etc...

    Does this make sense to ya'll?
    ^^ This is exactly how I feel.

    I think the first mistake I made was entitling this thread with "2nd hearthstone" in it because it's pulling lots of non-RP people into it with comments of "WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER HEARTHSTONE"... when it has nothing to do with the time it takes to get to any of the cities. This probably shouldn't have been compared with a hearthstone to begin with.

    I should have framed it as a tool for RP purposes and that is my fault.

    It IS the repetitive flying to bizarre locations that is so monotonous, its too bothersome to do. Don't sit there and tell me its not a big deal.

    No, a 2 minute flight isn't bad at all... I don't care about the Transmog raids I fly to every week. I do about 8 of them and fly to each one... doesn't bother me at all. But that is once a week for each one.

    I bet 90% of the people saying that this idea sucks are not RP people and have no use for traveling to odd non-city destinations over and over and over. If you had to spend a couple minutes every day, one to three times a day, flying to somewhere (even if it was really important and interesting to you)... you just wouldn't. And guess what? I don't either.

    So far this idea is at about a 44/28 Yes/No (at the time of this post) perspective... most of which is RP/NON-RP. Half the people are saying, "I don't need another hearthstone because I can get to all the cities I want to and fly anywhere else in 2 minutes" [WHICH IS TRUE] and the other half are saying "there are places I'd go to over and over if I had a way to hearth quickly, but I don't because its to impractical to do so". [WHICH IS ALSO TRUE]

    I feel like this thread is coming down to: How can we make this idea work for RP people and not be abused for non-RP people?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malist View Post
    Ahn'Qiraj in two minutes is a stretch even with max flying from Uldum portal. Feralas. Cape of Stranglethorn. Desolace.

    AQ is easily doable with flying from the Uldum portal.

    Feralas you'd teleport to TB and fly from there and Stranglethorn has the Zeppelin from OG.

    Alliance is a bit screwed though.

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    There's too much teleporting in the game already. It would be nice to TP to a certain place for RP purposes, but it will be abused for even quicker transport by most.

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    No, WoW already has way too much convinience for an MMO, and flying anywhere doesn't even take very long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarlockJack View Post
    How can we make this idea work for RP people and not be abused for non-RP people?
    There's an easy way (or at least, i believe it is): put the old and the new Hearthstone to 30 minutes cooldown.
    This way, you basically have a Hearthstone every 15 minutes like we have now. It wouldn't change anything from a non-RPer perspective.

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