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    EPIC pets idea

    So, there's no denying it:

    Pet Battles = Pokemon

    Now that that's out of the way, this is my idea on how EPIC pets should work:

    What is currently missing from Pet Battles is the concept of EVOLUTION, so to avoid copyright, let's call it:


    How does it work:

    - The idea is a bit like ALCHEMY where you have a base product (a pet) and you mix it with some ingredients, and you get something new.


    Squirrel x3 + Mechanical Battle Stone = Mecha Squirrel

    This allows you to use up any family stones that you don't necessarily want. It will have a chance to produce an epic pet based on the quality of pets used for Transmutation:

    Blue - 25%
    Green - 15%
    White - 10%
    Grey - 0%

    So if you use 3 Blue quality Squirrels, you'd have a 75% (25 x 3) of getting an Epic pet. You also have a 25% of getting a Blue version of the transmutted pet (in this case, mecha squirrel) but that comes into play later.

    If you had 2 greens and 1 blue, you'd have a 55% (15 x 2 + 25) of getting an Epic pet.

    If none of the pets are blue, you will only make a BLUE pet.
    If none of the pets are green or higher, you will only make a GREEN pet.

    To compensate for the 25% chance with the 3 Blues, some epic pets will be "3rd Stage Transmutations" meaning that they'll require you to make 3 Blue pets via transmute and then transmute those 3 into an Epic. The "3rd Stage" is a guaranteed epic.

    In addition to battle stones, the true customization comes into play with WHAT ELSE WE CAN THROW IN
    Other examples:

    Nightsaber Cub + Elemental Battle Stone + Volatile Fire x 10 = CINDER KITTEN. Elemental gives the cat flavor, and the fire tells us what flavor. Since the Cinder Kitty is associated with Hyjal and Druids of the Flame, it will use the Cataclysm ingredient.

    Nightsaber Cub + Elemental Battle Stone + Volatile Earth x 10 = GROUND/ROCK KITTEN. This is how we see the introduction of new pets and new models.

    Nightsaber Cub + Elemental Battle Stone x 2 + Volatile Earth x 5 + Volatile Air x 5 = SAND/DUST/DESERT KITTEN. When you combine dirt, earth, rock, and air, wind, gusts you usually get dust flying in your eyes, or sand.

    Combining ingredients will become a huge cornerstone. Since some pets come from some areas, the local ingredients will be needed which will get people back into the world. And you thought you were done farming Primals in Shadowmoon Valley.

    Let's throw in some professions:

    Fiendish Imp (demon) + Mechanical Battle Stone + Adamantite Frame + Khorium Power Core + Overcharged Capacitor [Fel Reaver's Piston] = Pocket Reaver

    WOAH - not only does this recipe call for Engineering supplies, but also items? Yeah, items. Boss drops. Now, when we go through old content, we'll actually have a use for some of the junk we get instead of just vendoring everything we can't transmog.

    Since they require boss drops, I won't be mean. If they require epic items to make, they will 100% yield an epic pet.

    Now I'm going to spitball some more examples of pets with items:

    Dragonhawk Hatchling + Elemental Battle Stone + Volatile Fire = Firehawk Hatchling from Firelands
    Azure Whelpling + Magical Battle Stone = Nexus Whelpling
    Dark Whelpling + Elemental Battle Stone + Volatile Air + Volatile Fire + Volatile Water + Volatile Earth + Volatile Life = Chromatic Whelpling

    We can also do Pets with Pets --> PET FUSION

    Whithers + Searing Scorchling = Burning Treant
    Blossoming Ancient + Wolvar Pup = Ancient of War


    So those are my ideas.

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    I think Blizzard would just release a battle pet stone that makes the pet Epic quality and call it a day. Probably for the next expansion or filler content between SoO and the next expansion.

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    I think the blizzard should make man and girl pet and you should be able to make them breed and make combo pet. Only certain types should be able to breed with other type though, they do not find others attractive. These pets should be epic and have hybrid talent.
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    No, far too in depth which would dilute the experience. There is such a thing as too much and for a side attraction it is too much.

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    I like it, but as Malist pointed out it's far too detailed for alot of the WoW population who seem to have ADD. More than anything else, it would encourage you to capture pets instead of farming, sometimes endlessly, for the Rare versions of them. I remember farming for about an hour for a single pet in Duskwood, I'd killed about 150 or so before I just ended up leaving and moving to another zone to farm for other rares. Still havn't been back to get it.
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    cool idea but way to much for a minigame type thing.

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    good idea if the rest of WoW didn't exist, from a purely pet game PoV it's good, but for a side game in wow i agree with others that it's too in depth and would require too much grinding and time just to make some mostly likely overpowered pets able to trash other people who can't pour hours and hours into it, pets seem fine as they are atm just hit 25 and your pet is at it's maximum potential.

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    I don't like that kind of randomness. Casinos do well in games without subs and asian games, they should stay there.

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    if you think pet battles = pokemon then you must not have played pokemon in a LONG time.
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    I think they should add Hawkstrider racing. You would be able to find and tame Hawkstriders out in the world. There would be male and female versions and, yes, you could breed them. Selective breeding would result in stronger/faster Hawkstriders with a variety of colors!

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    For all that to work and be balanced you are looking at an insane amount of developer time, would they put aside such time for a minor feature? No. Pet battles will be built upon very slowly over time and with very little core changes.
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    I don't understand why people want epic quality added to pets, it will just make us feel it's necessary to upgrade all our battle pets to epic. Nothing good will come out of it

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    I don't understand what the big deal is with developer time.

    All you would do is use the same pattern modifier to go up a step.

    The rest is just recipes and ingredients hunting. It gives us a reason to not only go back out into the world, but to also keep farming mats from previous expansions so that the ones sitting in your bank don't go to waste.

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    I wouldn't want to meld my pets together and lose the original pets! I think WoW is different from Pokemon in that regard.

    I'd like it if Epic quality pets had some kind of vanity associated with them. So they'd be cool but you wouldn't feel like you couldn't use your beloved Rare quality pets anymore.
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    Haha....Crazy and fun!

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    Why not just pet mating? Got to bring science into it, don't we?

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    This sounds evil to me..

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    Sounds cool! But way too complicated for WoW. After all, Blizz said they want grandmas and small infants to be able to play WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    Why not just pet mating? Got to bring science into it, don't we?
    Supposedly our current pets do have genders and there are addons which allow you to see what you have. I read somewhere that pet breeding could be added in the distant future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    Sounds cool! But way too complicated for WoW. After all, Blizz said they want grandmas and small infants to be able to play WoW.
    Again, I don't see where the issue is.

    How is this more complicated than any other crafting profession?

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