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    So I've nearly done it.

    I've leveled nearly every class capable of tanking to level 90. Only thing left is the DK (Only level 55) and Pally (level 86). And why not? I get so much enjoyment out of blasting through 10+ enemies. Wouldn't you?

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    I am not very fond of tanking, I have levled one protection warrior and one protection paladin. I do not think I will level another tank

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    I shall now give you your next challenge, young squire Furyous.
    Level every dps class to max

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    I'm not entirely sure that I'd call 3 of the 5 tank classes "nearly every", but congrats either way! Push on through for that paladin.

    I've got all 5 at 90 since early on, as I love to tank and always love to have options and learn about the strengths (and weaknesses) of one tank vs another to better understand group synergy. Plus, AOE grinding everything, setting the pace (and topping meters) in 5mans, and being more or less invincible are all great perks while leveling
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    20k and counting...

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    That's not almost done, that's just past halfway there.

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    My 90s are Priest, Pala, Monk, Druid, Shaman, Warrior - and I have an 87 dk that I'm slacking with. If it can tank it does... and my monk, druid, shaman and priest are all healers.

    I think I should take up that level a DPS class challenge

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    I leveled every class to 90 by now. I don't play them, but I just wanted to have a "perfect" char screen :P
    None of them was specced tank/heal ever - pure dps collection!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    None of them was specced tank/heal ever - pure dps collection!
    You Monster! Imagine the dungeon queues if everyone was like you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mozez View Post
    You Monster! Imagine the dungeon queues if everyone was like you!
    Never used the dungeon finder anyway. I quested my way through all the time. :P

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    Get up there gurl'.

    Been tempted to do this myself but just the thought of touching a mage gives me the willies.

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    I always level all classes to their max level. I like to see how they all are to play, but I am not too fond of tanking.
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    Well I've got a 90 of every class except druid, DK and monk on Horde side (DK is almost 90, others are low lvl), plus a Mage, Priest and Druid on Ally side. Need to level more of my ally alts, and get a monk leveled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Illiterate View Post
    That's not almost done, that's just past halfway there.
    Eh, I mean... 3/5 90's is 60%, I'd consider an 86 pally probably about... 16-17% out of the 20% that a 90 paladin would contribute, and of course a 55 DK is basically like not having a DK at all, but then again leveling a DK is less work than any other class, so. DK is probably less than 20% out of the 100% total, so the whole calculation is fucked pretty much, but it'd be an even higher %.

    So like 76-77% of the way there minimum. That's hardly just past halfway, but I do agree the OP is maybe pushing it with "nearly done".

    I do like tanking myself as well though, I have a 90 blood DK and 90 brewmaster, an 85 prot war. 90 druid, but primarily resto. Don't have any paladins worth mentioning. If I went guardian on the druid, I'd be just about as far along as the OP. He has a mostly blues/greens feral DPS set, so he's not like, completely agi-set-less.
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    Now lvl a lock to tank so much fun

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    All I have left is the monk which makes me want to /wrists when I play it.

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    Watch, now Blizzard is going to read this and put in an achievement: "Tanking Bitch" - Level every tanking-capable class to max level and hope people value your friendship for more than your tanking abilities.

    Sorry, I had to. :P
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    ive lvled every tanking class to 90. druid was proly the worst.. before the exp 85-90 nerf.. shit was terrible trying to lvl as a tank spec in dread wastes. warrior pally dk monk were really easy though.

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    i really enjoy my dk tank, shes lvl 70 atm ^^

    also have a druid tank 90, pally tank 85 and monk tank 50

    i dont like to play warrior so i dont have one ^^

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    So monk, druid and warrior then?

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