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    Quote Originally Posted by ilmatic View Post
    When I played RaF with my GF she got it like 5 mins being in silithus, i was like NOOO DONT EQUIP IT, ITS WORTH LIKE 10K
    I got that pet from AQ20 zone, from one of the 3 oozes out there. Even got a screenshot of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakshamash View Post
    1. Account:

    Swift White hawkstrider - 30+ kills = 1 drop. When farmed orb for draenei - 20 kills = 5 drops = 0 orbs.
    I know that feeling. I got THREE orbs on Belf paladin on the SAME RUN, and never on any non Belf char.
    Then, my UD warrior while clearing MC for Essence of the firelord after gathering all the arcanite(already had both Bindings) got both Bindings drop again on that same run.

    That's RNG laughing at you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiea View Post
    Im approaching 600 runs for Barons mount /wrists

    Oops sorry got that one in 26. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinalover View Post
    What I'm quoting is the probability of achieving a certain % after x number of attempts.

    1 - (1 - probability chance)^attempts.

    So in my OP, I stated I had done 242 attempts on a boss with 0.9% chance

    1 - (1 - 0.009)^242
    1 - 0.991^242
    0.887843516 or 88.8% chance of achieving a 1% drop.
    That's correct as in there's an 88.8% of you having the mount by now, however the droprate on your next kill is still 0.9%, so your history doesn't matter. The chance of you getting the mount within the next 242 kills is 88.8%
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    I've stopped caring about these "statistics" - They've done nothing but make the hell grind that's been Dragon Soul and Ulduar worse because "it should have dropped by now."

    RNG is cruel.
    I'd rather not think about how I have a "chance" to have already had Blazing Drake 50 runs ago.

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    In my opinion.. you should have a 50% chance to get the drop you want.

    50% it does drop
    50% it does not drop

    Think about it

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    I've been trying for the kara mount for a very long time, and now on multiple characters. Still nothing. I saw this girl in guild get this mount, ony mount, tk mount, and eoe25 mount within 3 weeks time. Just ridiculous.

    To those people in this thread talking about getting kara mount in the first few runs or so.. if only there was a downvote option.

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    Just got me my Azure drake after quite a lot of kills. Think roughly about 120 across my chars.
    Saw the Elegon mount today but only rolled a 44 on it...

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    So far for me:
    Vitreous Stone Drake: 500+ kills, with the most early ones starting after getting Tier 11 and being able to solo the boss as protection.
    Ashes of Alar: got it on my 30th kill
    Swift Zulian Panther: 80th kill
    Armored Razzashi Raptor: 100+ kills, no drop
    Drake of the North Wind: 50 kills, no drop
    Onyxia: 35 kills spread over 2 characters: nothing
    Amber Primordial Direhorn: Took me 200 kills to get Jade / Slate direhorns, no sign of this color yet.
    Fiery Warhorse (Karazhan): 2 years, 7 characters. Looted it with my rogue after hitting 85 and killing him just for fun for the first time.

    Overall, i tend not to give up anyway on mounts so one day ill get em all
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