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    Mauhe Earthenhide - Tauren Shaman

    Name: Mauhe Earthenhide
    Age: Very Old, fought in the Third War.
    Race: Tauren
    Gender: Male
    Class: Shaman
    Languages: Orcish, Taurahe, and a basic Darnassian.
    Faction: Horde (regrettably, but nevertheless loyally).
    Personality: Wordy and eloquent by Tauren standards, he is depressive with Tauren and terse to the point of rudeness with non-tauren. He wears his regrets on his sleeve.
    Appearance: Salt and pepper flecked brown hide, criss-crossed with scars and burns, long cracked upward curled horns decorated with talismans and bound with leather cord. Toting a battered shield and bone mace, and draped hides.
    Strengths: Tenacious (depressive as he may be, he hasn’t given up and isn’t likely to), Honest.
    Weaknesses: Cynical, depressive, nostalgic, racist.
    History: Hailing originally from Sun Rock Retreat in the Stonetalon Mountains, Mauhe Earthenhide grew up as a shaman with amicable relations with the neighbouring Kal’dorei. In his youth he saw the Tauren people become increasingly hounded by the Centaur menace, culminating finally in the alliance with the Horde. Though once passionately Horde, since the abolishment of the Centaur threat and the reinstatement of the Tauren people, in old age Mauhe has become very jaded with the Horde. He resents what he feels to be the uncleansable corruption of it’s people ‘seeping into’ Thunder Bluff, and fears the damnation-by-association it may bring his people.

    Furthermore he feels foolish for once believing in the Shamanic dream of a Horde brotherhood, a family for the redemption and alignment of broken peoples with the elements. The accession of the Forsaken, Blood Elves, and Goblins; the death of Cairne; and Garrosh Hellscream’s tyrannical new vision for the Horde (coupled with Thrall’s perceived abandonment of it) has chewed away at Mauhe, and he harbours a bitter resent at himself for being ‘duped’. Where he once mercilessly met Kal’dorei on the battlefield thinking their voluntary alliance with the Humans to be their mistake to undo, he now doubts himself and wonders if it was the Tauren who made the mistake. Guilt gnaws at his bones at how he personally, and Thunder Bluff has enabled the sacking of Ashenvale.

    Finally, he is the last of his long dwindling clan; earthenhide. He lost two brothers and his young wife to the Centaur; his only sister died in Taurajo; and his nieces and nephews died in the Northrend Campaign. His remaining female Earthenhide cousins either married into different clans, or died like the men in the Cataclysm. There are no more Earthenhides, just him- and he internally feels somehow responsible, as if he has failed countless generations of earthenhides before him.

    All of this has made him a bitter, irritable, unpleasant, withdrawn and brooding. A moment of clarity was thrust upon him when he was confronted by a young Tauren Warrior amidst a defeatist rant. Remembering the centaur, his fallen brothers, and similar enthusiasm he once held forced him to consider how he had changed so much. The encounter inspired him to get off his stump and venture back out into the current affairs of the Horde (from which he had withdrawn for so long).

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    Though nominally an 'Elder' as an elderly Tauren and eldest of his family, Earthenhide shys away from the title as it implies he is the head of a family, of which there is none (and invites questions on the matter). He does, however, provide mentoring to younger tauren nonetheless, as the Elders of other families encourage their young to seek him out (he is quietly grateful for the gesture, though it makes him no less warmer to the calves). One such youth is the coincidentally named 'Mauhe the younger' of the Thunderhorn tribe (so dubbed not because there is an Elder Mauhe amongst the Thunderhorns, but because the young Mauhe so persistently and consistently accompanies the irritable old Earthenhide).
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    Hi man! And welcome to the RP forums!

    Here is a nice solid bio, i enjoyed reading it. Finally more background info on our mysterious shaman Everything seems to be in order.

    I would like to add that a little more depth on his own campaigns would be better. Which battles did he participate in? Outland? Northrend? Pandaria? A little more info on those would be better, of course if he participated any of them at all. You only mentioned him fighting elves, and that is a very vague timescale.

    See you in RPs!


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    My reasons for not going into too much detail are twofold. One, I haven't made it up yet; two, I didn't want to bore people with a huge tract of history. Earthenhide is my modest attempt at a more or less straightforward Tauren RP- for lack of having done it before. Nothing too wacky or out there, Earthenhide apart from the peculiarities of his individual story is ultimately supposed to be 'just another tauren'.

    The history written here was made up as I wrote it, and heavily influenced by the impromptu open RP you so graciously engaged me with. He was initially supposed to be a resolutely anti-horde and unconflicted character- but your strong IC arguments got him to doubt himself and he was reforged on the fly as a fading character seeking to make peace with his deep seated sense of regret.

    I try to avoid hard numbers when it comes to timelines and ages (basically because Blizzard does too), so things are kept relative. WCIII was a while ago, decades. He was in his prime back then. Probably a younger than Cairne. Like many Tauren, he lost a lot of family to the Centaur, and was consequently feverishly pro-horde. He comes from a place where Night Elves and Tauren have long lived side by side more or less peacefully (as I understand), and the killing of Night Elves I referred to was probably a tour of duty in Ashenvale.

    Now that I think upon it, this tour of duty in Ashenvale will be one of the three main fixtures in this character's backstory. The first was losing his family to the Centaur and the subsequent chance to avenge them with the Horde (which he took up feverishly). He beat the Horde Drum for a long time, fighting proudly (and vaguely, for now) in Outland and Northrend. There will be a second key moment, which will be the first time he doubted the Horde. I don't know what it is yet, and will happily accept suggestions. Something in Vanilla, BC, or Wrath. Maybe Wrathgate?

    The third and latest key blip in his character progression was a horrific Vietnam-esque tour of duty in Ashenvale, where the forest was razed and plundered, Silverwind Refuge mercilessly purged and occupied, and the nights long and full of a pervasive dread instilled by hidden Kaldorei Guerilla Warfare. He didn't want to be there, he didn't want to be killing Kaldorei, he didn't feel entitled to it's conquest, the Kaldorei were frighteningly ubiquitous and hard to pin down in the forest, and (to him, at least) the Horde went too far in it's heavy handed tactics, particularly when taking Silverwind refuge. After Ashenvale he was changed; scarred, certainly- but also shocked into reflecting upon how much he turned a blind eye toward the Horde's heavy handedness and corrupt appendages, how different his past service in the Horde war machine was to the horrors of Ashenvale. After Ashenvale, he was no longer horde, and his whole life had been dedicated to a cause that now sickened him.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticisms?
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    Well, in my opinion, wrathgate would not be an appropriate event. It is heavily forsaken oriented and there is little to no connection for tauren lore. Taunka would have been a perfect opportunity, but sadly Blizzard simply did not add any dramatic or 'important' events concerning them, and they had simply forgotten Taunka after the expansion. Maybe i can suggest the events of Jade Forest? One which includes the destruction of Yu'lon's tower? That was quite the event for me. But if you would like to avoid pandaria and pandarian lore, i can suggest the destruction of Taurajo by Alliance in Cataclysm? That is also good, and if not, why not the bombing of Theramore? You know Garrosh sent horde troops, including many a tauren, as a bait and bombed the entire island to dust. Quite the event to doubt the horde one may have trusted so far. These are the major events i can come up with. Sadly neither vanilla nor tbc has any significant events that could make someone doubt horde, mostly because Thrall was still Warchief back then.

    Vietnam-esque tour in Ashenvale sounds so good that my memories of Apocalypse Now popped up You should definitely go for that one.

    I'm glad you liked the interaction tho, i just could not hold myself



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