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    Quote Originally Posted by Korthas View Post
    LOL! You have no idea what it even is yet.
    Yes I do. It's a racing game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arganis View Post
    Bye bye Titan. Guess it's time for Blizz to take a long hard look at WoW because the cow certainly doesn't seem like it's going to make it that far (to 2016).
    It'll still be more successful than the other MMO's by that time if the path it's taken so far is anything to go by.

    I am surprised at this, and I wanted to see Titan this year at Blizzcon, but I don't mind. If they feel like the path they took was bad and are going to upgrade it and make it better I can't fault them for it. Plus having more developers in other games will be nice.

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    It's not too surprising really. But I do think it'll be good in the long run for them having the devs from Titan on the other projects for the time being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeluron Lightsong View Post
    Oh Wow, that's nuts. Well I'm glad they're trying to make it the best and Yay more devs for WoW, Allstars and D3 III
    What is the point of quoting the whole newspost when it's right above it tho?

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    anyone supprised?

    To be honest I am, I was convinced it was pure vaporware. I'm shocked its even got to the stage where it can have a direction to travel in. Though after what Bliz did to wow, starcraft and D3, I'm not falling for it again, I'm definatly waiting to see what its like after it launches, and not buying into the hype for preorder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strafer View Post
    Yes I do. It's a racing game.
    Rock n Roll Racing 2

    I fucking knew it

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    Ouch for those with Activision-Blizzard stock. At the next quarter-release, if sub drops are anything like last quarter plus now this news about Titan which is huge, it's going to be bad times for stock owners.

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    Looking forward to the thought of those older WoW developers going back to work on WoW again. Very good news to me.

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    The WoW crowd should be happy because it means more thought and work will put into WoW and this news can be an indirect result of extended lifespan on WoW. For everyone who doesn't know what hobby to find after WoW, be very happy because you don't even know yet if Titan might be what you're looking for. Succeses from the past don't guarantee succeses for the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baphomette View Post
    I can very easily wait for something when I don't know what it is.

    Don't mind the delay. As they say, they're not making pizzas.
    Yeah, I think if they had given us ANY hints about what Titan was even about, then I would be more interested in it being delayed. But I don´t think there was ever even confirmation that it was an MMO.

    It must be hard for them to plan a big project that takes 5 years when things change so rapidly. You gotta think that something that failed in the past 2 years is what is causing them to have to reset.. Diablo´s RMAH? SWG? GW2? None of which have been huge successes.

    I was still guessing that Titan was going to be a FPS MMO in space, a way for Blizzard to get those COD people paying a monthly sub... but who knows.. we know NOTHING about what it was supposed to be, and now that isn´t even happening..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneiac View Post
    Rock n Roll Racing 2

    I fucking knew it

    oh man my nipples just got hard

    i like that blizzard can recognize they have a stinker even after 3 years in dev

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    I don't understand how do they want to make a mind blowing Blizzard game with these delays? I mean, is the game going to be a hologram projection like in Star Trek or something, because that's the only reason for the game to be in development for so long and not even a teaser screenshot, nothing?

    How can you keep resetting the whole game?

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    Better than pulling a Squeenix with Final Fantasy XIV. That's at least the 3rd game Blizzard has cut their losses on (including the WarCraft Adventure game and StarCraft Ghost). Overall probably a good thing rather than releasing trash. (Leave Diablo 3 alone, LOL!)

    It does make you wonder where WoW would be today if more of those 100 developers had been working on it. Probably a few of the 3D modelers who actually knew their stuff (I'm not a fan of most MoP gear models, or Cata for that matter).

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    If it wasn't up to their standards good on them for redoing it. If they had spent another 1-2 years to finish it and ended up being a piece of junk it would be disastrous for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sills View Post
    Good to know still that Blizz will do what is necessary if things are not living up to their expectations.

    Also good news for the products that will receive the additional developers.
    To be quite honest, I think Blizz should've revamped WoW to a 2.0 engine already... the game is still nice, but with the amount of cashflow they're generating it should be no problem to have WoW's graphics overhauled...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danshot View Post
    if a new season of arrested development can come out, I have faith in titan not being benched permanently.
    The 4th season of Arrested Developement is a disaster. worst garbage ive watched in a long time.

    They should have ended it in season 3 when it was still good.

    Guess blizzard can just cancel Titan now and go bankrupt already. Nothing of value lost

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    Here's to hoping Dragon Age 3 will be awesome...

    Rule of Thumb: If the healer's HPS is higher than your DPS, you're doing it wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    • Blizzard felt that Titan wasn't going in the right direction and decided to make significant technological and design changes to the game. This happened in the past with Starcraft and Warcraft 3.
    Didn't it happen with D3 as well but D3 turned out poorly at release? Good call not lumping the failures in with the successful launches.~

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    I think this is good news all around, it will shut the "Titan will kill WoW crowd up", also, more resources to WoW and D3 are always a good thing.

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    It needed more dailies.

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