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    Character Bio- "P.K."

    Name: P.K. (Not his real name, but what the world and others know him as)

    93 (An adult but not exactly middle aged quite yet)

    Race: Sin'dorei or Blood Elf if you willGender: Male


    Thalassian,Common, and most importantly Gold.

    Enigma (Working up the Faction Thread)

    Very Aristocratic, Cold and Calculating with a subtle touch of curiousness.


    Likes: Gold and the high life. His greed and ambition know no bounds. He is a planner and loves when one comes together. He is a big player in some of the "shadow politics"of Azeroth and while He enjoys being whispered about in the Alleyways of Stormwind or the Gutters of the Undercity, he values his anonymity and love for engineering above all else.

    Dislikes include but are not limited too-Brutish Acts,
    sub standard living conditions, people with zero drive, and when others let Alliances get in the way of making gold

    Appearance: He has jet black hair styled with long bangs covering on side of his face and a shoulder length ponytail in the back. His armor is styled in an elegant golden fashion (http://wowroleplaygear.com/2010/01/10/the-sunscale-set/) with a matching two handed sword (http://www.wowhead.com/item=45233)He is and inch or so above the average height for a male blood elf and leans more towards the thin side.

    Strengths-Aside from being very handy with a two handed sword, P.K.'s Ambition is his strongest trait. He is cut throat and will openly admit it, and above all else a man of business. He has a vast wealth at his disposal and has all but monopolized most aspects of war, dealing arms, oil, and other supplies to both sides.He is very charismatic and has an aptitude for talking with people. He is very calculating and very rarely lets his emotions or stance(or lack there of) affect his decisions. Weaknesses- He is very vain and often times doesn't see the potential in others. He has next to no morals and has no problem condemning an entire people for further self advancement.Although he has many resources, and is great with people, in most regards he is all but alone. True friends are very rare to come by in his lifestyle of Arms Dealing and Smuggling.History: We know that P.K. got his start with the Pirates (Mainly Bloodsail) a massing his first fortune looting and pillaging the Steamwheedle Cartel. Once he got enough gold, he set off on his own ventures buying weapon caches and reselling them to both sides of the Alliance/Horde Conflict. He saw past the boundaries of race and began reaping the benefits almost instantly.He knew as long as war was ongoing, there was gold to be made. He knew that he was going to need help if he wanted to expand his growing business, so he got in contact with some old pirate friends offering them more gold than they could ever hope to gain looting the outskirts of booty bay. With his newly amassed rag tag bunch of drunks and would be sea dogs, P.K. set the tone for how his, for now nameless organization would be ran. When a patch of weapons was lost at sea due to the carelessness of the ships captain, P.K. publicly executed him with a make shift over under pistol he crafted. After which he simply nodded wiped the blood from his armor and carried about as if nothing happened. With a "zero tolerance" policy in place "Enigma" grew into its own shadow government operating around the factional lines set forth by the Horde and Alliance."I care not where you were born, what color you are, if you have hooves, horns or pointy ears...all I care about is the profit." It didn't take long for his arms dealing to spill over into other aspects of war, mainly the oil for the recent conflict within the Horde. Enigma will raid the Kor'kon Rigs only to resell them the oil they just stole from them.

    ((I have been out of the rp game for sometime now, however I hope to make a return with this character. I often times find that WoW doesn't explore the darker side of things, not just undead and dragons but human(or elf in this case lol) factors such as greed. With this character I want to expose the more ugly side of war and not just get wrapped up in the for the Horde aspect of it all.))

    ((For Whatever reason it will not let me "unbold" the long blocks of text, I don't know if a moderator is able to fix that but I appoligize in advance for those having trouble reading it))

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    Just something you really should consider here but the Bloodsails kind of blame most of the Horde races, namely the orcs and elves. So I think it might help to explain how a sin'dorei even got from the top of Eastern Kingdoms to the very bottom and then was able to join the Bloodsails. Don't see it as impossible just could use a bit of explanation.

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