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    Which would you be more excited for? New models for Vanilla races, or 2 new races?

    This admittedly sprang up in another discussion, and this article. However, it really got me curious since both issues have popped up in the numerous discussions about the next expansion. So I want to know; If you had to choose only one, which would it be? Revamped vanilla models, or 2 new races?

    Just to make this a bit easier, the 2 new races could be whatever you want them to be.

    So which would you prefer for the next WoW expansion? Revamping the old races, or creating 2 brand new races?

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    Dammit there are many races that i want to play but!

    NEW MODELS! Is what we need the more

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    Its not even a contest.

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    Revamp of course.
    I've race changed my mage this year after 7 years of WoW cause I wanted to see something else. My mage was troll before and I've waited quite a long time for blizz to change the look of old races... they didn't so it was my choice to change and pay for it... my mage is bloodelf now. Also because armor looks better on her

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    Would definitely prefer new models. New races are nice, but the vanilla races can't even compete with just all the movement and structure that pandaren, and even goblins and worgen have.

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    I am personally looking forward to the revamp of the vanilla races, that said I hope more development resources are spent on the new models for the old races rather than a new player race(s).

    I also hope Draenei and Blood Elves also receive an update along with the original eight races.

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    Revamp of course, and hopefully some new armor model types like you can see with the troll boss posted here
    WoW desperately needs more stockings and some short skirts wouldn't hurt either >)

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    Race updates for sure. New playable are cool but Id much rather have the model updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver-Fox View Post
    I also hope Draenei and Blood Elves also receive an update along with the original eight races.
    They should be, male Belf and Draenei look awful. I'd much rather see new models for the old races than completely new races myself.

    Thanks to Shyama for this beautiful signature <3

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    Wow, those troll female models look beautiful.

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    Model updates for sure. Especially if they fix some of the weird things (mostly shoulder related, female humans always have shoulders going forward and draenei females you see under their shoulders from the front). New races rarely do it for me. I don't have a pandaren toon, have like a lvl4 worgen somewhere, only have one high lvl expansion race toon and that's a draenei shaman. I know new races bring back subs (in theory) but just never really appealed to me much. But new player models would be HOT.

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    I'm pretty excited for the new models. I've even got a few different classes I want to play that I've avoided while we wait for the upgrade.

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    Revamped models are definitely more important, because right now, the quality of old-world models is seriously compromised. They are nothing short of ugly compared to newer models, both in terms of animations and the models themselves.

    It's just a shame that they haven't already shipped to go with the Alliance/Horde story going on right now. With it being all ORCS ORCS ORCS ORCS, it'd be nice if said orcs weren't ugly.

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    I'd prefer revamps as well, especially if it meant they could change some of ways models work, like making chests have textures outside of the painted on skin look, and the ability to have backpacks or other types of stuff on the back other then capes.

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    models for sure, I want my Vanilla races to look as good if not better then the pandas. at least give us the facial animations and new hair styles. new/better customization options for each race IE: scars, tattoos, jewelry teeth options for Orcs, a character creation overhaul would be great.

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    Revamped vanilla races without a doubt. I'd love to play races other than belf/pandaren, but just can't get past the downright ugly textures and models of the old races.

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    New models, i could had lived without playable overweight pandas so i can't even imagine what they will come up with if they decide to add yet 2 other races.

    New models would most likely allow for a lot more character customisation and would revitalize visually the game as a whole instead of just a part of it, no contest for me.

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    Revamped races. Hell, it's about time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nasriel View Post
    They should be, male Belf and Draenei look awful. I'd much rather see new models for the old races than completely new races myself.
    I don't know why people still assume it's JUST vanilla races. They did say they wanted to do Blood Elves and Draenei aswell because they too (despite their models being roughly better visually) lack the modern skeleton that the Cataclysm races and pandaren have, although they would be the last races they would update
    Quote Originally Posted by Tech614 View Post
    It's obviously a port of Smash 4 with new characters and she was already in Smash 4.

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    I voted for 2 brand new races because 1. The old races' models revamp will happen eventually 2. The 2 new races bring 2 ( or atleast 1 ) new leveling zone and thats what actually gets me excited for an expansion 3. I like having a big choice when choosing race and I would doubtly go for an undead/gnome even after the model update.

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