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    I've been experiencing an incredibly low drop rate on my alts, went to msv on my hunt to try for the elegon mount but still needed sigils and it took 3 resets before I even saw 1, and on my priest I got 1 from a full clear too.......>_>

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    RNG is RNG, my entire guild are trying to get sigils of power, and I'm stuck with over 60 across my chars to spare. I generally get 30 powers before I get my 10 wisdom. Its purely random.

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    First week on my alt rogue: 8 power, 5 wisdom.
    Second week: 2 power, 5 wisdom.
    Guess I'm very lucky to not get any extras.
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    Wait till you get the Secrets of the Empire portion. I think I went through one complete run of ToT and only got one drop.

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    At least the secrets are in "relevant" content.

    My monk alt is now ~502, and has no use for any t14 LFR. Still, sitting at 14 Wis, 5 Power means I have to go slum that every week. Of the 5 sigils I got this week, 4 of them were Wisdom. Thanks, RNJesus.
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    21 Wisdom before I got my 10th Power... sad times.

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    2 resets, on 9-11 atm

    Trylb / Galesin
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    on my alt hunter I got 44 wisdom and 0 power. I sent in a ticket and the response was that they knew there was a problem with it and that it was fixed in a recent hotfix.

    - - - Updated - - -

    oh, and this week I did get power in lfr, so it seems like the hotfix may have actually been implemented and works.

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    48 Power. 9 Wisdom.

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