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    Greatest bug ever. Why did we wipe? Add exploded! But the phase ended, I thought we beat the phase?? Game hates you, so the add exploded anyways!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSerialSniper View Post
    Things I have noticed when doing this on normal. Doing this fight during heavy server useage increases the chance of bugging. The server is being to slow with the adds spawning it seems since the server is being slow the adds 1 do not spawn right away and 2 do not spawn invisible right away causing them to explode which is really shitty and not really a bug, but an issue caused by latency (on blizzard's end 100%). The only way they could stop this from happening is making it so that the adds have to be visible for a certain amount of time before blowing up instead of instantly.
    I'm in a morning raiding guild (10 AM central - 2 PM central), so I'm not sure server useage is the issue.

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    Only amber is bugging out for us, the beam hit it and it stays invisible (and unattackable, can't use a /target macro) until it explodes.

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    Phase is ending for us and then blue is exploding. (Blue add is not being revealed)

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    It is not red add exploding its invisible,untargetable amber add, on a specific position. DBM goes nuts when beam is over it, and you know its a wipe when this happens. Happened many times so far, got pretty sad from it

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    Happened multiple times for us in Heroic 25m last night with the Blue add.

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    So apparently with raid topped and DA, you can live through blue exploding. So every attempt now, I'm divine hymning on 3rd crimson add, and pally DA's. We all live.

    It's BS, but you can at least live through it.

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    Yea Durumu's still bugged as fuck. On our heroic progression pulls this week it happend roughly 40% of the time.
    Instead of saving healing CDs for other phases we have been stacking raid CDs in preparation for a stupid bug.
    It's survivable but insanely stupid that you have to plan for bugs when it happens that often.

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    We had a similar bug this reset where the bossmod alerted of a yellow add spawning when there was none (or it was untargetable and invisible). It of course exploded when the beam had moved a certain distance, leaving the raid confused. After checking the recorded video I concluded that there indeed was no visible add up at the moment of the explosion.

    Next attempt we had the previously mentioned bug of blue exploding after 3rd red dies, without the blue beam moving at all. Caused a wipe as well, being unexpected and all.

    I hope this gets fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mootykins View Post
    Happened multiple times for us in Heroic 25m last night with the Blue add.
    this, it caused us multiple wipes wednesday night. wasted a good hour of lei shen progress.

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    Hotfixed, but still broken. Blue fog appears at end of light phase, deals damage.

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    We one shot it last night, Wednesday, and didn't notice any issues at all. /shrug

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    Don't worry guys, they'll fix it again and it'll actually be fixed next week for real this time guys

    It doesn't happen all the time, we still killed it this week, but still encountered the same two horrid bugs: invisible yellow adds exploding and being untargetable, and blue adds exploding abruptly at the end of the phase.

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    Yeah, the bug with blue add is still there. Having this boss on farm for 9 weeks now, we got the flash freeze bug (wipe) yesterday regarding blue beam carrier being on opposite side of the room not moving at all.
    But funniest thing was that on next pull we failed on yellow add, not killing him on time, but this one did not exploded at all. After that yellow add disappear we get another yellow in new location (this time we killed it on time) and finally scored a kill.

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    Happened to us this week during 25-Man HM. The Blue Add killed us (everyone died from freeze explosion damage or whatever it is) and it was 180 degrees from the Blue Beam.

    So yes, it's still happening.

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    We 1 shot this every week on 10hc, last night we had 11 wipes due to the Amber Fog apparantly spawning every second for around 10 seconds, yet being invisible. I'm beginning to hate this boss.

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    I'm fairly sure it's bugged. Not only did the trash bug exactly the same as last week but - get this - after someone failed in our raid revealing a blue add we took 0 damage and killed it without any issues \o/
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    which is kind of like saying "of COURSE you can't see the unicorns, unicorns are invisible, silly."

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    There's been attempts where we've had the Blue add just explode even though we were 40 seconds into the phase and the blue beam never moved.

    It sucks, but the only thing you can do is just try again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuruption View Post
    There's been attempts where we've had the Blue add just explode even though we were 40 seconds into the phase and the blue beam never moved.

    It sucks, but the only thing you can do is just try again.
    yep this happened to us on tuesday night 2x's, obv after the hotfixes saying they fixed it

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    Blue spawning at the end of light phase is mitigable- use aura mastery before last red dies, and have raid topped off before last red dies.

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