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    Need help with thief WvW

    Could someone please give me some combos to do massive damage? I hit level 80 very quickly which kind of made the learning curve harder than usual :P I am already all geared out except I will be getting my daggers from CoF over the next day or so. Hit 80 in 3 hours so please let me know what to do lol.

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    Check out the GW2 Guru PVP or PVE forums for some good advice and builds.

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    What do you want to do? Thieves are versatile. You want to gank/roam, run with a group, support, evasion tank, scout?

    Skills/weapons I tend to stick with: Short bow and a dagger offhand. Shadow Refuge, Dagger Storm, Scorpion Wire, Smoke Screen, Blinding Powder, Move Speed signet.

    My build is such that I can pick a target and stick too it until it's dead or I back off. I like to go after people who think they are safe at range or buffed up.

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