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    Titan delayed, dev team downsized.

    Titan's release has been pushed back to 2016, and it's development team has been cut down from 100, to 30.

    Those hoping for a Blizzcon announcement will be disappointed, looks like they've gone back to the drawing board on the project.

    "We've come to a point where we need to make some large design and technology changes to the game. We're using this opportunity to shift some of our resources to assist with other projects while the core team adapts our technology and tools to accommodate these new changes." Says a guy at blizz.

    Considering how long Titan has supposedly been in the pipeline, and all the changes and innovations that have happened in gameplay and mmo business models since then, I imagine what they were working on was starting to look a little old outdated in this brave new world.

    New IP from Blizzard is as elusive as it ever has been.

    edit ooops didn't see the other post, wtf is it in wow discussion ><

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    Aren't they basically restarting the project, rather than simply delaying it?

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    It's on the front page and is already being discussed in appropriate topics.

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