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    Gotta give this a shot. *crosses fingers*

  2. #182
    Would love the mount

  3. #183
    Now where is our faerie? EU Server

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    I would very much like to have this, over in the EU

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    beautiful! US here!

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    US here, need more mounts!

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    Not bad at all. EU
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    This Mount is very sexy, Would love to fly it! US Tich/Gnomer

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    Really nice Eu server please

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    Quite an improvement over the vanilla bat.

    US server here

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    Awesome mount. US Server

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    Nice mount
    Play on US

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    What a shiny bat!

    EU server

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    Us server here. Hope I get one
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    Sweet mount!

    EU servers

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    Love me some mount. US Server.

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    this one looks really badass, i'll give it a shot, EU here! : D

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