1. #2041
    LOOKS GREAT... My gnome mage with his full plate helm will look even better. I am on the US server Argent Dawn and hope to be flying the skies soon.

  2. #2042
    Does this count as an entry?- US

  3. #2043
    I love me a bat mount!

    US here

  4. #2044

  5. #2045
    What an awesome looking mount. I would love to add him to my arsenal. I play US.

  6. #2046
    *enters contest*

    (US Server)

  7. #2047
    I would like to have this mount.
    EU server.

  8. #2048
    WoWs mounts looks nowhere close to the amazing looking mounts that will be in FFXIV A Realm Reborn. Chocobo, magitek armor, goobbue and Coeurls
    And all of them is available in the game and not a cashshop

  9. #2049
    :O gibba baat! eu dun dun dun....!!!!

  10. #2050
    very cool little bat, US sever.

  11. #2051
    That thing is awesome i want to fly a bat around

    US server

  12. #2052
    I Want it!!!!! US server

  13. #2053
    US, woowooo!

  14. #2054
    EU Server

    O ME GEEE it is finally out

  15. #2055
    Interesting! - US

  16. #2056
    Ya mon on da us

  17. #2057
    Howdy there, MMO Champion. I play on US servers.

  18. #2058
    Do want!

    US server

  19. #2059
    EU-server, and ofc i will give it ago for the Bat, realy nice looking one.

  20. #2060

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