1. #801
    Looks really awesome! EU

  2. #802
    I would love that mount forever!

    US - Stormreaver

  3. #803
    I want to be batman!! US SERVER...

  4. #804
    Mount please! US Server

  5. #805
    woohoo bats! finally after 10 years of bat taxis. that barrel roll makes it worth the wait though. they look great!

    US server here

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    I would enjoy the Bat mount very much.
    EU server here.

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    The mount looks awesome and the fact that Alliance can fly around on a giant bat is amazing!

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    Damn, That's a cool looking mount :3
    I'm playing on EU servers

  9. #809
    Nice mount - EU Server

  10. #810
    do want! I play on EU

  11. #811
    OMG, beautiful mount! US Server.

  12. #812
    US Server here. This mount should've been a darkspear revolution reward imo, but it's awesome nevertheless <3

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    I'd take one, US Realm
    "The pen is mightier than the sword.. and considerably easier to write with."

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    Thank you for the giveaway! US-Silvermoon!

  15. #815
    Been wanting one these since BC haha
    US Andorhal :P

  16. #816
    Heck yes MMO-Champion giveaway! US server here.

  17. #817
    would love one! US server

  18. #818
    That would be very nice!
    US server

  19. #819

  20. #820
    Moar mounts! (EU)
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