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    You never know... US server.

  2. #982
    I want it so baaaad!!!

    US Server!

  3. #983
    Mmmm...horde mount on alliance characters....next give me a doggy!
    US server

  4. #984
    Awesome mount. Would definitely be my new go-to mount. US server.

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    Very slick Mount.

    EU player.

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    Bats are cool, US player

  8. #988
    EU - Draenor

    Now give teh mount!

  9. #989
    Would like a chance at the mount. US server.

  10. #990
    My chance to win.

    US Server

  11. #991
    Would like to win one of those! US here!

  12. #992
    This is awesome xD.
    Always wanted a bat mount ever since I played an undead and troll. Funny because I was thinking about a bat mount doing the Senjin Rebellion quests. (US server)
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    Dibs even though I bought one.

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    Finally a bat mount! I want one! I play on US.

  16. #996
    About time for a bat. US server.

  17. #997
    I want!!!! US server

  18. #998
    US server here, looks pretty cool!

  19. #999
    Will never buy it, but looks great! US Server

  20. #1000
    I need this! US server.

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