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    Really disappointed it comes from the store and not in-game... EU realm

  2. #1022

  3. #1023
    This is one of blizzard's best models made. Gl to all!

  4. #1024
    Gief mount plix! Me is on EU - Sunstrider!

  5. #1025
    Good luck all! Eu server here
    My transmog & misc. blog!

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    Looks pretty awesome

    US Server

  7. #1027
    I would like one please! US Server.

  8. #1028
    looks pretty sick [US servers]

  9. #1029
    I want to win. EU Here

  10. #1030
    I want that bat!! I'm a EU player

  11. #1031
    Give it to me! Now! EU Server by the way ...

  12. #1032
    Only need on more mount for my 200 mount achieve, lets hope its this one. on the US here.

  13. #1033
    That mount is sweet! I play on US

  14. #1034
    I would love to have a new mount, be it a horde looking mount.. but still pretty cool! Looks quite vampiric. (US Server)

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    Must admit I´m a little dissapointed this one ended as a pet store, was hoping for something difficult in game. It´s still a pretty cool mount. Mal´ganis US

  16. #1036
    EU server! Looks nice

  17. #1037
    Another to the collection, US.

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    Awesome looking mount. US.

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