1. #1801
    Cool mount! US realm here.

  2. #1802
    uh wow that's awesome
    US region

  3. #1803
    Finally a mount that looks like a bat! I've waited for this so long! EU btw :>

  4. #1804
    US Server
    I'd sell my firstborn and a kidney for this bad boy.

  5. #1805
    Love to have a new shiny mount! US

  6. #1806
    European hopefully future batrider here, damn, the mount looks sweet! #EU

  7. #1807
    I'd take it if it didn't scream "I spent $25"

  8. #1808
    Fun dark mount. US - Baelgun

  9. #1809
    cool mount hope I win one
    US server

  10. #1810
    US. I think this looks pretty cool.

  11. #1811
    Wanna win da Bat!!

    EU server here!

  12. #1812
    I'll bite. US right hur
    Finché ci temono, essi ci obbedire.
    Chomh fada feiceáilimní orthu Linn, Siad beidh de réir Linn

    As long as they fear us, they will obey us.

  13. #1813

    EU server

  14. #1814
    Awesome looking mount! EU servers!

  15. #1815
    Yay for free mount! EU.

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    Field Marshal Terrorbladez's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Amesbury - UK
    looks awesome! EU btw

  17. #1817
    Awesome looking mount. US server here.

  18. #1818

    US Servers

  19. #1819
    Been Waiting for years for a bat mount!!!

    EU player here!

  20. #1820
    One is mine! Cheers!

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