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    US - Awesome mount

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    Magtheridon - EU, new mount would be a refreshing change to cloud serpents!

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    That bat is beautiful but now i guess the fey dragon wont be a blizz store mount ;_; hope i win this bat to make me feel good :P. EU ftw !

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    England, UK
    Undead Rogue + this mount = perfection.
    Ragnaros EU

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    Give mount! Eu server.

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    gief mount. cant ride my glad drakes on all characters cause your system is retarded. this would satisfy me. US

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    I am a mount collector, and I am absolutely in love with this mount. MMO-Champ, if you have it in your hearts to save a poor student some money on his addiction, you will send one of these beauties my way in the EU

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    RNG bless me! US server

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    My comment is full of commentary :> EU realm

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    US! We pink space goats just ... love bats. YAY BATS.

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    I'm a US player, here's hoping I win for once!

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    EU server. Would love this mount

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    Entering the mount contest

    US server

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    EU pet collector reporting in.

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    Would love a mount, EU

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    HOLY JUMPIN BEJEEVUS! A FREAKIN BAT MOUNT! HEEL YEAH! bout time I can fly on the wings of the "Dark Knight" as long as it DOES NOT sparkle or I may have to get Lil' Raggy on it. Sabb plays for Team USA
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    i want the bat mobile! [EU]

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