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    [GW2] RNG survey

    what do you think about RNG in GW2?

    here a link to the voting

    feel free to add your reasons here

    I like it the way it is! 6,06%
    I like it - would be nice to see good drops more frequently though 34,34%
    I don't care 9,09%
    I don't like it - I can live with it though. 18,18%
    I don't like it at all. 32,32%

    Totally random loot 17%
    Fixed loottables with a certain chance to get a specific item 52%
    Fixed loottables without any kind of RNG - like tokens 31%
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    Pretty short survey

    Anyway, yeah I hate the RNG. But I don't mind having a limited loot table for special bosses. I know that encourages farming but I'm not totally against that.

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    Prefer fix loot tables with RNG. It gives you some thrill (and nerdrage) when you really want a specific item and you have to farm a boss until it drops.

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    ^ personally I do too, I'd love to farm a specific piece of skin / mini from a boss (even open world boss) with a better chance than 0.01%

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    ok this survey-tools is pretty bad, can only show 100 results for the free version

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    I've always hated RNG, but I think it's made exponentially worse the way GW2 does it.

    1. Account bound items, making it impossible to obtain via other players on the TP.
    2. One time only events, in conjunction with items being account bound is just sadistic.
    3. Anti-farm code, which means if there even is a chance to farm the item like the Southsun crates you've got the game working against you every step of the way.

    Those 3 points working together is just ridiculous, especially when you consider that it's one ticket, for one skin, for one weapon, for one character.

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    RNG is a must for any MMO, but it's way over done in GW2. Makes the entire game not enjoyable, most things you get are trash and by most I mean 99% in my experience.
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