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    Got it. Replace our good AOE for our poor stuns, and some positive thinking. It "should be" a sure win.
    Sounds like whining to me now. Seriously Warriors are one of the best classes for scenarios, because we have so much movement on demand, we can get out of pretty much any big AoE. We have an interrupt (two if you glyph Gag Order), several stuns if talented (you should for scenarios, even the bosses can be stunned usually), as well as really solid AoE/Cleave DPS.

    The only way you could ever, EVER die in a scenario is if you're not specced into second wind, you're not using victory rush, or you're chain pulling without looking at your health, and most importantly - Not paying attention and standing in AoE/not interrupting - failing to interrupt a spell, or standing in an aoe is pretty much a one-shot kill on most of the heroic scenarios, and they do a lot of damage on the normal scenarios.

    The only really difficult one imo is the dark heart of pandaria, the last boss can be a bit nasty if not handled carefully, and there's a fair amount going on, but even that is probably easier with 3 DPS than if you take a healer (because of the healing debuff).

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    well for starters stop raging.

    once you do that screw your head back on and you'll stop dying.

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    1)Situational awareness. Learn the mechanics of the fights, watch out for bad stuff on the ground.
    2)Use your stuns/interrupts/movement abilities. Pummel, Dragon Roar, Storm Bolt, Intervene, Heroic Leap. Learn to use these and they'll serve you well later.
    3)Healing pots and bandages. Especially if you have an Alchemist to make the pots or other source for them.
    4)Don't be afraid to run. If you have trouble getting Victory Rush procs because others get the killing blow, just back off and let them take it. Anyone gives you shit about it, ask them if they're going to pay your repair bill, and if not, tell them to STFU(or however you care to express it).

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    Well arms aint best spec for Hero scenarios i personally use Fury for the extra selfhealing + the SW and glyphed VR and defense skills keep me up even in times where i meet some damage spikes problems

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    As I understand it, Blizzard has intentions of fixing the issue by having floor pain do things like slow dps rather than do damage. I think it is an excellent idea.
    I think that it would be a bad idea. It should be punishing to do things wrong, if it's not people will continue to do it. If you stand in fire and die you will move the next time there is fire on the ground. If it' something less punishing like doing 20% lower dps for 10 seconds a lot of people won't notice it or don't understand why it's happening.
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    Second Wind.

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    There's just far too much knee-jerk dismissal in this thread. The OP's experience is very predictable and real. In a triple dps regular scenario situation, you do tend to get a lot of people who barely participate pulling ridiculous dps on the order of around 10k, or even flat out afk half the time. These players do essentially nothing that could possibly help to reduce damage, and pulls stay alive for way too long. Naturally, the person actually participating for real gets all the aggro because they're doing legitimate dps, and hence this problem is epidemic. I get this exact same issue a lot as a fire mage solo queueing for scenarios and getting triple dps, and more often than not I'm paired with dps classes that could easily pull and hold stuff for just a couple seconds and I'll nuke the crap out of everything, but they simply don't, and I end up initiating pulls and doing all kinds of unnecessary kiting work when the whole enterprise could've just been fast and easy.

    I think in general while it's definitely helpful to suggest tips for surviving, the reality just really might be that the other two people are the problem and there's only so much you can do to carry the whole thing.

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    Go tank. You'll live longer.

    Can't say the same thing about keeping your hair, though.
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    *bro fist*
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    Go tank. You'll live longer.

    Can't say the same thing about keeping your hair, though.

    New signature, thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanimus View Post
    Go tank. You'll live longer.

    Can't say the same thing about keeping your hair, though.

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    I seem to do fine on my arms warrior and most of the time I have all the agro, just use your die by the sword and shieldwall effectively, also use victory rush whenever you can if you are using second wind, I often try to get the killing blow on small adds just so I have a nice victory rush to use for that nice 80k+ heal.
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    Pummel, Disrupting Shout. Make sure to abuse Impending/Victory Rush whenever you kill something. You can also knockback casters with Dragon Roar. Manage surival CDs propperly such as Shield Wall, Rallying Cry/Demo Banner, and Die by the Sword. If everything fails you you can also fear mobs with Intimidating Shout. If you are rooted or are standing in AoE and want to get out quickly use Safeguard on a party member.

    I have never any healing issues on Warrior when I do HC Scenarios with 3x DPS I usually tend to spec into Impending Victory rather than Second Wind or Enraged Regeneration. I use it whenever its availible and when I'm need of healing and use it when I get a kill shot on a mob by spamming Execute on low life making Victory Rush availible and resetting the CD. That's pretty much all you need and if you are taking to much damage don't be afraid using some survival CDs like listed above.
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