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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreyo View Post
    And you felt the need to tell us about it, why?
    It's ok to say things that aren't positive.
    I myself am looking forward to it a lot. I'm hoping it's more fun than when I would play Yugioh Dark Duel Stories as a kid.

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    I'm interested in Hearthstone just because it's a simple card game that doesn't involve luck with mana/land like MTG. I've only played the Steam versions of MTG (the yearly releases with locked decks, DOTP, no deck building) and I like it well enough, I just hate how some games are completely ruined by drawing not enough mana/land or drawing too much. Creatures/spells/etc. you can work with it and try to make it work, but too much/too little land/mana you're just stuck.

    If Hearthstone turns out to be like the Steam/XBL MTG DOTP games minus land/mana cards I'll be playing it for a long time.

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    I'm in the same boat, I really want to get into this game fast. I'm bored of long games that forces you into hourly sessions to get something done. Even a normal League of legends game can be to long for my liking :/

    Hearthstones quick gameplay looks so appealing and the fact that it might come to smaller devices is really awsome. Then I can enjoy a quick game while sunbathing instead of the usual book.

    I've not really been a fan of card games, I'm not much of a collector either but since it's all going to be digital I'm alot more interested this time around.

    Summer sarted two days ago so I think the beta is just around the corner!
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    I really hope this lives up to expectations, so many TCG's have felt like a let down to me, but hopefully Blizz can get it right!

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    I'm interested in it but can honestly say i'm not that excited or over the moon.
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    I'm not one to get overly emotional about getting to play a game or not. I'm more interested in the process of getting the game into it's release form, through beta testing and discussion on the forums. So I'm actually more excited for Beta to begin then for the actual release of the game. Once the game is out I'll play it, and have fun with it, and get my geek on and collect cards and be excited by the achievements and golden cards I manage to get, but ultimately I'll be more excited about the prospect of what comes after the release in a possbile new expansion.

    Though, to be honest, deck crafting and theories might be just as interesting as shaping the game is. It should at least give me something to do once the game is released.

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    More interested in Scrolls right now really.

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    When it comes to Android, I might take a look at it because I can see my self playing it on my way to work, but so far it seems to be Crapple only.. Cant say that I am the least excited.
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    I'm interested, but not hyped.

    And you shouldn't be hyped about it either. That way you can be absolutely blown away by it when it launches, rather than building castles in the sky to fall out of.

    ...well ok, you can be hyped about it. But if you're one of those people who gets all hyped up and splatters your excitement all over everyone else and then comes back to vomit your disappointment on us too, well, I hope you run out of your favorite condiment too quickly and keep forgetting to pick it up at the store for a long, long time!
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    I really think this is going to be pretty amazing. It will have a lot of the appeal of Magic: The Gathering, and in some ways be more flavorful. Really stoked, to be honest.

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    I'm somewhat excited for this. MTG player myself (spending way too much money on it) but I didn't really like the WoW trading card game.
    I'll check it out when it's released or when it's in beta, but probably won't play it all that much.
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    Dude, it's World of Warcraft PVP with cards and turned based combat, what are you so excited about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevaara View Post
    A couple of you mention Magic: The Gathering, it's something I've considered for a while but I can't see myself being good at a card game like that when I have no clue about it. I played the Yu-Gi-Oh CCG because I knew about it, I'm interested in Hearthstone because it's based on a game I've played for 5-6 years so how do I actually get into playing Magic: The Gathering before I pay money for it?
    Get cards from friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KorbenDallasMultipass View Post
    Dude, it's World of Warcraft PVP with cards and turned based combat, what are you so excited about?
    Probably because it will be 1v1, not 1v10
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