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    [BIO] Chroni of the Frostwolf Clan [W.I.P]

    Name: Chroni
    Age: 28
    Race: Orc
    Gender: Female
    Class: Warrior

    Languages: Orcish, Zandali, Common

    Faction: Horde, Frostwolf

    Personality: Short tempered, not easily amused

    Likes: The Troll race, The valley of spirits

    Dislikes: Goblins, Garrosh's "New Horde"

    Appearance: Green with Sapphire blue eyes. Wears a Frostwolf tabard and a full set of Vengeful Gladiator Gear with a High Warlords Axe.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Excel in battle. Horrified by a certain bunny.

    Chroni was born in Azeroth before the second war, she was imprisoned, along with the other orcs after the second war, at age 4.
    She lived a hard life in the internment camps, under the tyranny of the humans, she along with other orcs like her, grew to hate the humans deeply.

    When Thrall rescued the Orcs, Chroni was about 14. She was trained hard and eventually enrolled in the Horde army at the age of 18, after spending 2 years of service in the horde army, she was "promoted" to the Kor'kron. Here she served the Horde in battle, both against the Alliance but more importantly against the Scourge and the Lich king.

    She gained the rank of Legionnaire and was stationed with her own platoon in Icecrown, they were supposed to hold a frontier until reinforcements could arive, but the Scourge armies were greater than presumed and even though they fought bravely, they were, in the end, overrun. When the Horde reinforcements arrived, they found Chroni standing alone among the corpses of Orcs and the Scourge. Her platoon had, against their numbers, held the frontier as ordered, even though it had cost them their lives, they had done it with honour. The following recount and burning of the corpses told the story of how 15 Orcs had slain over 10 times their numbers of the undead legions. Chroni was dubbed "Maiden of War" for her effort in battle.
    After the Lich king was defeated, Chroni went home to Orgrimmar, here she spends most of her time in the Valley of Spirits, among the trolls. She has been taught their language of Zandali and enjoy mingling with the trolls of the Darkspear tribe.

    When Garrosh took over the Horde, Chroni left the Kor'kron. Though she loves the Horde, she does not believe in Garrosh's ability to lead it and she certainly does not approve of his hatred for the trolls. She often ventures to the Echo Isles and Stranglethorn, the tropic landscape soothes her, which she find funny considering she is a Frostwolf.

    She has only ventured to Draenor a few times, and during that time she has wandered the planes of Nagrand, the destruction of Draenor saddens her and she has therefore chosen to stay away from the Home world of the Orcs.

    When the Horde orders were given, and the army left for Pandaria, Chroni stayed in Orgrimmar, she considered reenlisting in the Kor'Kron, but she chose not to, not as long as Garrosh was in charge. She traveled instead to Stranglethorn, where she spent some time in a little cozy tavern in Booty Bay.

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    The name "Chroni" seems very non-orcish, if anything it sounds like a Bronze Dragon playing orc. Other than that, it seems decent.

    Amazing sig, done by mighty Lokann

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