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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroWashu View Post
    As if that weren't fun enough, the new heirloom shields are not on DMF vendors.
    Doing 4 or 5 MoP heroics to get the shield too hard for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
    Doing 4 or 5 MoP heroics to get the shield too hard for you?
    Maybe he's a DPS and has to queue for each. Maybe he just doesn't have time. Maybe he just doesn't want to do old heroics that drop no relevant gear and are completely boring. Just because you (and I) have the time to chain MOP heroics doesn't mean every player does.


    Or maybe he's actually doing said heroics but is pissed off because he spent time saving up tickets for his shield only to realize they didn't include it. Either way, people need to get off their high horses.

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    Blizzard must have had a chuckle to us argueing about the problems with CRZ when they were planning on announcing Virtual Realms in the near future, eh? LOL Anyways, that should solve the problems for good now. Here's my Vlog post on the topic if any of you are interested. I made a reference to our discussion here in this thread in in.

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