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    Lei Shen 10man NORMAL handling conduits help needed

    Hi all,

    Tomorrow our 10 man group is going for a first full night with Lei Shen. We had couple of pulls before but what it is still unclear for me is what is the conduit overload order (both phase 1 and 2) for 10man? Additionally in phase 2 do you overload the same conduit that you level up?

    Thanks for all the help, I hope to get some nice tips from here, it seems me asking here results with us killing the boss on the next raid

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    Overload the Diffusion Chain one. This will allow your group to stay stack after first transition. But do remember you still have to stay spread if possible during first transition, so you wouldn't get chains on too many people. Stacking after first transition is a good thing, make lot-lot more easier to deal with rest of the mechanics from the conduits.

    For second we do the Overcharge one, as this one is most safest to level up. As if you stay stacked, dealing w/ overload won't be an issue.

    Now, once you broke the chain conduit you are free to stack in melee for the bouncing balls, make easier to AoE them down and soak Shocks and Overcharges as well, if you all are bunched up.

    And yes, you level up the conduit you are about to disable after first transition. You just have to choose the one what is safest and easiest for your raid to handle. As if you level, you get abilities doubled and tripled from that conduit.

    GL in killing Lei Shen
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    thanks for that,
    so we have once vote for going diffusion chain > overcharge

    anyone else cares to share their approach?

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    I've done both static shock and diffusion chain as first but I prefer chain since in 2nd transition you can just stack and you're 3-4 people in every quadrant anyway (on top of sometimes people with solo-soak abilities). If you do diffuse chain first, then indeed you should overload (if needed, depends on your dps) the overcharge. Not just because it's easiest to deal with in 2nd transition, but because it's easier to start on north (static shock) at start of phase 2. If you'd go south first, you'll get an overcharge on a person in middle of your raid while still a bunch of people running towards boss while ball lightnings spawn, which can get messy a lot easier than going north first.

    So yeah, diffusion chain, then overcharge would have my vote as well.

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    You should really try all out. we tried everything and found bouncing ball to be the easiest by far for our group. So you dont have to worry about them in transition 2.

    Static shock is also a pain in the ass for some guilds/groups. Without overcharge during transition 2 can be very helpfull too.

    I would recommend chainlightnin or bouncing balls. both have alot of advantages during second transition. Bouncing balls will be one of the main wipe factors while trying to learn the transitions.

    overload is an ability that kills alot too but its the only were you can avoid the dmg completly.

    Chainlightning makes healing easier and bouncing balls makes movement easier during second transition. But nothing will matter if your guild has easier time when deactivation something else

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    1. Disable Diffusion Chain first, doing this is pretty simple:
    Have Tank A pull Lei Shen on the Diffusion Conduit and tank him towards Static Shock. This is because of Crashing Thunder (the melee-range voidzones).
    He'll use Crashing Thunder twice on the first Conduit. Place the first towards Static Shock Conduit, then pull him over towards Overcharge Conduit (while still having him linked to Diffusion Chain). After he does the 2nd Crashing Thunder move him as far as possible towards Overcharge Conduit as you can while still having him linked to Diffusion Chain (there's an edge on the floor which indicates the max range).

    After the 2nd Crashing Thunder he'll Decapitate Tank A, this is where Tank B taunts and drags him to the Overchage Conduit.

    Doing it this way your Diffusion Chain Conduit will automatically be at 92-96 energy.

    2. For the Overcharge and Bouncing Bolt Conduits, just drag him sometime after Thunderstruck when the Conduit hast ~75 Energy.

    3. 1st Intermission:
    - Diffusion Chain Sector: 1 Heal, 2 DPS
    -Overcharge Sector: 1 Tank, 1 Solo Soaker (Hunter, Monk, Mage, Warlock, Paladin)
    -Bouncing Bolt Sector: 2 Heal, 1 DPS
    -Static Shock Sector: 1 Tank, 1 Solo Soaker (Hunter, Monk, Mage, Warlock, Paladin)

    Reasoning: Every sector has a 25% chance to get a Static Shock. Tanks can't get it so this way you'll maximize the chance a solo soaker gets it while still having enough people for Bouncing Bolts.

    - You need to familiarize yourself with the order of Lei Shens abilities, it's always the same (Diffusion Chain is first, so stay spread when he teleports to the center. Then Overcharge, then Bouncing Bolt + Static shock nearly simultaneously...)

    4. Phase 2:
    - You can use Bloodlust / Heroism in this phase, the last phase is really easy
    - Start on Static Shock and go counter-clockwise, you'll end up at Overcharge and just tank him there until 2nd Transistion
    - To drag Lei Shen between conduits just use his Fusion Slash and have the tank get thrown to the next conduit.
    - Stay spread until Ball Lightning spawns, then run in melee and stun/aoe them

    5. 2nd Intermission
    - Same Sectors as before, except those who were in Diffusion Chain Sector. Have those guys just go to Bouncing Bolt and you'll be fine. (You'll have 2x2 and 1x6 people in the sectors then)

    6. Phase 3
    - Just tank Lei Shen in the center of the remaining platform
    - Stay spread until Ball Lightning spawns, then run in melee and stun/aoe them
    - Get away from Thunderstruck and/or use Raid CDs for it (Aura Mastery, Tranqs)
    - If a tank dies: You can single-tank this phase, your tank just has to move away from Lei Shen as far as possible while he does his Lightning Whip so the stacking debuff will drop before Lei Shen arrives at the tank.

    Hope this helps, it'd help if you write your comp if you need more detailed information.
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    Despite my lack of knowledge about the specific names of the abilities I´ll give it a shot.
    We start with the chainlightning pillar. short befoe the first decapitate out warrior tank jumps away. lei shen follows, leaving the pillar at 88-90 energy. as soon as decapitate is applied, the other tanks taunts and draws him to the next pillar, clockwise. Everybody immediatly stacks behind the boss, cause the first shockring will occur. the second tank moves to the third pillar once Lei shen channels his lightning axe. he usually gets the decapitate debuff once he reched the third pillar right after the first blue spots, in which you have to stand. warrior taunts lei shen, waits for the decapitate axe to be thrown and then immediatly drags lei shen to pillar four, leaving pillar three at only ~ 40 energy. You should be able able to bring him to transistion at that pillar. note, that lightning axe and the splitting damage ability will come shortly after each other.
    After transition, we start at the former pillar two (where you need to stack to not be stunned) and wait for at least 2 lightning ball phases. it will overload once. It´s smart to stack up right away and only move for lightning whip. the second tank uses the second fusion strike to travel to pillar three, where the boss gets taunted. We only kill one lightning ball spawn at that pillar and DO NOT overload it. use the first Fusion strike to travel to pillar 4. There you´ll stay until he reaches transition again, deactivating pillar 4 (Not, that it would matter).

    Good luck.

    If you are confused why I use Lightning ball spawns or fusion strikes as time marks: Lei Shen is so precise with the usage of his abilities, that you will gaina certain feeling for the fight, being able to anticipate what comes next after a few tries without using any boss mods. In the end you will know the exact pattern of stacking up, spreading out, move away and get closer. A great fight.

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