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    [H] [email protected]'Akir-13/13 HC (World#9 25m) Raiding guild- Recruiting


    Any decent healer is welcome to apply still.

    An ideal recruit would be a player who can speak up and communicate on Ventrilo during fights, a player who has initiative and ability to develop healing strategies and come up with ideas for encounters. We expect a potential recruit to know his class and min/max his gear and character. A high level of dexterity and awareness is also required - a proper healer has to be able to heal while moving, use all cooldowns in his or her arsenal, step out of void zones and ask for assistance if needed.

    Damage Dealers

    We have open spots for the following classes:
    2 Warlocks, 1 Death Knight, 1 Hunter, Feral Druid works too, 1 Ele Shaman, 1,2 Mages, 1 Shadow Priest.

    Classes not mentioned are still welcome to apply. Exceptional players will be considered.

    Damage dealer has to be obsessed by squeezing every last bit of dps out of their character. Topping the meters and beating other damage dealers has to be a priority. We expect damage dealers to know the math and theory behind their class and always min/max their talent spec, gear, gems, enchants and professions. An ideal recruit would be a player who will notice flaws with positioning or synergy and can offer input on how to further maximize the raid damage. Dead dps does no dps, so a proper damage dealer has to be able to survive the environment and know when to cut his damage and focus on staying alive.


    We're currently not actively recruiting any tanks, but if you have the desire to mainly play dps and tank on the off occasion, feel free to apply.

    A good tank has to be able to communicate with the raid. Speaking has to come naturally whether it is requesting cooldowns, announcing incoming spikes or notifying movements. Tanks have to have good situational awareness; a tank must understand everything that's going on in the encounter. We expect tanks to maximize their usual gear and if possible have additional sets tailored for specific encounters. A strong off-spec option is also desirable for a tank player - it is unknown how many tanks will be needed in Cataclysm. Some encounters may require several tanks, some may require one; it's good if a potential recruit brings options.


    We are an English speaking high-end PvE raiding guild on Al'Akir. The guild was formed in June 2007. We've cleared all raid content from The Burning Crusade to Wrath of the Lich King and kept our raid progress in top20-30 range.

    The Burning Crusade

    We formed in June 2007 during The Burning Crusade expansion, a few weeks after Black Temple was released to public. We cleared Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, Hyjal Summit and Black Temple by the end of that summer. Cleared Sunwell Plateau on 7th of June 2008, about three weeks after the final gate was opened. We were 22nd guild to defeat Kil'jaeden.

    Wrath of the Lich King

    All players rushed to level 80 as soon as Wrath of the Lich King was released. Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity were cleared in the first week of the expansion. We defeated Ulduar heroic mode encounters in their prime time, before any significant nerfs and got Algalon, Celestial Defender on 5th of July 2009. We defeated all encounters in Trial of the Grand Crusader in two resets. We were the 9th guild in the world to defeat heroic Anub'arak. Icecrown Citadel with its limited attempts was a hit and miss for us. We defeated the majority of heroic mode encounters quite quickly and without Hellscream's buff. Then ran into some obstacles and lagged behind in the race. In the end we were 39th guild to defeat Arthas.


    All players rushed to level cap once again. We got almost all "server first level 85" feats. We defeated all Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight and Throne of the Four Winds heroic 25 player encounters in two months and ended up as 15th guild worldwide. We cleared 6/7 in Firelands on the first heroic reset and beat heroic 25 player Ragnaros after ~600 attempts and nearly four weeks of progress, this put us to 16th place worldwide.

    Mists of Pandaria

    Throne of Thunder (Tier 15): west 9th, Europe 6th.
    Terrace of Endless Spring (Tier 14c): one week plus two days of progress, world 8th, Europe 5th.
    Heart of Fear (Tier 14b): one week of progress, world 9th, Europe 6th.
    Mogu'shan Vaults (Tier 14a): half a week of progress, world 6th, Europe 4th.


    Raiding is mandatory. All members are expected to raid as much as possible. There is no required attendance numbers, players have to be present when they are needed. Being absent may lead to ejection from the guild.

    Everybody has to bring their best performance during the raids. Being late, being unprepared, slacking, excessive afking, not listening, not taking advice, being useless and pointless whining is not tolerated for very long.

    Raids are lead by one raid leader who calls the shots. All other players in the raid are equal - every player from veteran officer to fresh trial is welcome to speak up and offer ideas and insights. Seniority or rank plays no role in the raids. Class / role officers rotate players and act as loot council.

    All players have an option to play alts and offspecs in the farm status raids as long as the performance doesn't suffer.

    Our official raiding times are:
    19:00 to 23:00 CET on the working days;
    16:00 to 23:00 CET on the weekends;

    In reality we raid about five times per week on progress mode and once or twice when on farm status. We might do an occasional early start or an extension when new content is released. Players are expected to respect the raiding hours; we try to keep our schedule as humane as possible while still maintaining a high degree of progress.

    Our short-term goal is to keep raiding and farming heroic modes until next content/expansion coming. Long-term goal for Mist Of Pandaria is to improve our rank without resorting to seven days from dusk till dawn raiding.

    Guild master: Welt
    Healer officer: Viveca
    Tank officer: Malm
    Intellect officer: Kytkis
    Melee officer: Tegu/Twizzler

    Join us by filling out and mailing an application:
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    Make sure to provide Wol logs in your application!!
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