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    They will pretty much both proc at the start of the fight. All this talk makes me really upset my Pally is Horde. Rabble rabble rabble! Lol.
    I've run int a couple human engineer Ret's that have literally just wiped the floor with us as Ret/Disc. Granted, I play Ret/Spriest at the moment, and it is unbalanced 2's, but a good cleanse, fear ward, and trinket can keep him pretty well out of CC's for his CD's and he tears me apart faster than I tear him apart.

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    That's actually incredibly interesting.
    I'm an engineer, so I might actually try that out.
    They have the same ICD don't they as well?
    1 proc per minute?

    So I guess since they changed the way procs work, they might proc close together the second time around.

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