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    I've been doing the 85-89 bracket as a twinked lvl 85 Death Knight. Got a 100k Obliterate with PoF, pot and berserker. It's funny how the scaling works, it doesn't scale every gear piece to the same ilevel. My 450s for example don't scale down much at all.

    I heal in 90 PvP as MW so unfortunately haven't done much outside of that.

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    So I was just playing Temple not stacked that high and saw this pop up, remembered this thread and had to share.

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    I cant really remember how much ive been crit for. Its usually locks chaos bolts.

    But ive hit 300ksh from Templars verdict in Temple BG with Zerk buff, wings and few stacks of the debufff. Prob could of got higher with more stacks perhaps. Wish I had screen shotted it.

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    1.2m Chaos bolt in temple. Leashens trink + on use chaosbolt max stacks vs orb carried while deamon soul was up.

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    I don't think Temple BG or executes should count. I've crit for ~300k with shadowburn and only way I see that count if it's through havoc...
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    on my moonkin ive done a few starsurges for 160-165k in normal play, occasionally 2 of them at the same time. The change to allow more than one starsurge in the air at the same time is awesome as hell

    the hardest I've been hit is probably a soul reaper or Enha's in full burstmode

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baracuda View Post
    I don't think Temple BG or executes should count. I've crit for ~300k with shadowburn and only way I see that count if it's through havoc...
    exactly, this thread should be about how retarded burst still is in the game (which should not include orbs, zerker etc)

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    1. Paladin / Retribution
    2. 151890
    3. Templar Veredict

    4. 98957
    5. Shaman / Elemental
    6. Fulmination

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    You can easily fake 1 billion in a kotmogu wargame.
    Just wait for 3-4hours.

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    My spec: Elemental Shaman
    Damage spell: Mass Spell Reflect ....... Elemental Blast
    Amount: 964,354. (383,691 damage and 580,663 over kill)

    Obviously it was in Temple and I was holding the orb for most of the game. I think I had berserking as well.

    Yeah I hurt! Got a nice SS of me in the graveyard

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    WW monk
    Rising Sun Kick - 105311

    Against Me:
    Frost Mage
    Frost Bomb - 193109
    ^ WTF. Balanced amirite.

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    1. Your class/spec - windwalker monk
    2. Amount you crit another player - 240K (duel) 522 pve trinket, 10 stacks of tigerpower
    3. Ability you crit with - rising sun kick

    4. Biggest crit another player has crit you for - 160k (duel) Died in a subterfuge
    5. Class/spec of opponent who crit you - sub rogue
    6. Ability you were crit with - eviscerate
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    Quote Originally Posted by xStevooo View Post
    1. SRogue
    2. 468k and 422k one after another
    3. Eviscerate

    Was in kotmogu BG mind, not even full tyr gear.
    If youre not even in Tyr gear, how on the earth could you take another hit after being hit for 468 k ? O.o

    Surprised more people don't have higher hit received in temple.

    1. MW
    2. 370k from mage ? while carrying orb at full stack heh
    3. Frost bolt ?

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    Lets see, I have a few of these.

    1. Ret Paladin
    2. 146k
    3. Hammer of Wrath

    1. WW Monk
    2. 176k
    3. Rising Sun Kick

    1. Elemental Shaman
    2. 136k
    3. Elemental Blast (was followed by an instant 88k lava burst & 103k fulminate)

    What i've been hit for.
    160k Starsurge in arena.

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    This was on the Isle of Thunder, so no berserker buff or whatever. Just selfbuffed gameplay. Not a duel, just some world PvP.

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    366k without buffs? How can that be possible?

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    Pft I barely crit anymore on my rogue, its really a joke. Gone are the days of critting for 200k eviscerates

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    I hit a 106k oblit this patch, didn't think it was possible anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyro- View Post
    366k without buffs? How can that be possible?
    This was on the Isle of Thunder
    Enemy player could have 1) had the animus buff (15%.) 2) had the buff gained after killing "one of the minor guards" @pvp dailys (30%).
    3. could have had pve gear, no ilevel restriction on world pvp.

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    1. ww monk (level 85 full mop geared)
    2. 203000
    3. Rising Sun Kick

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