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    (or not, hence the possible incoming nerf capped at X% of health).
    Isn't vengeance already capped at 50% of hp ?

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    Isn't vengeance already capped at 50% of hp ?
    Proposed 5.4 change afaik. And it's 50% for 25man, 30% (?) 10 man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirRaven View Post
    Isn't vengeance already capped at 50% of hp ?
    Even if it were capped to 50% now. I wouldn't be close to capping out on jin'rohk hc.

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    the only situation I'd imagine where standing in pool is not the best idea is when the other tank gets thrown and you tank for a few seconds with like 12-14 stacks. because then the nature damage taken is pretty damn high. but as long as you are tanking w/o any debuff, you should be perfectly fine with standing in the stuff.

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    Ways to increase your DPS as Prot on this fight:
    - Stand in pools to increase DPS uptime when other tank is on the boss (just control your threat as you are doing increased damage also).
    - You can also stand in the pool for the first few seconds of the transition phases with Divine Protection if you REALLY want that extra damage.
    - Save wings for pools.
    - Use potions (a lot of tanks neglect the use of DPS pots, including myself from time to time).
    - You can bubble off the stun from the throw to further increase your DPS time.
    - When you don't have the debuff, and you are tanking the boss you can stand inside the puddles and tank just don't be inside when static burst will hit.

    Side note: It's cute how people think we get anywhere near 50% vengeance.
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