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    Lb & nt

    Hey fellow mages,

    today i`ve seen a post on mmo about mage bombs which is saying:

    •Frost Bomb is now strongest when it can hit 5 or more targets with the explosion.
    •Living Bomb is now strongest when applied to 1 or 2 targets.
    •Nether Tempest is now strongest when applied to 3 or 4 targets.

    Ok, i got it so far. One thing i struggle with understanding since the beginning of this bomb discussions are the haste caps. I have currently around 12700 haste, what gives me just about the 18th tick on NT. Now wehn scaling with Hero+Meta and so on, i reach quickly more ticks with NT, while the additional ticks for LB are almost impossible to get (like 18k without BL n stuff).
    So is LB still stronger on singletarget, no matter how your haste is reforged?

    Also one more question:

    I knew i read already about it, but im lazy to figure it out again. On what bosses is it worth it to not glyph IV for the additional haste?

    Thx for constructive answers

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    Depends if NT can cleave or not. But on single target, LB kinda always wins now. But if you have 2 targets right next to each other, I would still use NT and dot both as arcane and frost and just dot 1 on fire and cleave my way to victory. But that only holds true for 5.3, for 5.4 they might change the bombs, who knows.

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    Note that the "changes" was literally nothing but a wording change. They didn't touch them at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarthief View Post
    Note that the "changes" was literally nothing but a wording change. They didn't touch them at all.

    Also, LB is highest dps on most fights. Trash pulls with tons of AoE (like before Animus or Qon) you will get better results with NT, but LB wins for almost every boss fight (Horridon is close).

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