Name: Hermaedict the Hallowed
Age: Old
Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin (librarian, scholar, archaeologist)
Faction: The Scryers, The Horde.
Personality: Softly spoken and paternalistic. The three most defining fixtures of Hermaedict's history would be: his long term descent into self-worship and corruption as an agent of the arcane; the carthartic rebirth and redemption wherein he and many others, following Voren'thal the Seer, were forgiven and remade as Scryers; and finally his deep simultaneous immersion in study and worship. Together these things have given him an intolerance of ingorance and 'unholy corruptive influences and lifestyles'; the belief that all mortals can be saved and forgiven, but that the onus is on them to take the hand of the light and remake themselves as moral individuals; and that the light is the ultimate truth of the universe, people who think otherwise are ignorant, and that the inevitable eventuality of the total ascendance of light worship and enlightnenment amongst all people must be actively striven for and hasten.
Appearance: Wizened, yet sturdy this elderly elf stands straight and tall, his broad shoulders showing no burden of age. In contrast, his short wispy white hair, and wrinkle etched face tell a thousands tales.
Strengths: Softly spoken, kind, knowledgeable, convicted, forgiving.
Weaknesses: Close minded, uncompromising, overzealous, preachy.
History: Hermaedict was among the host of elves that marched upon Shattrath city at Kael'Thas' order, famously defecting and becoming known as 'The Scryers'. Prompted by Voren'thal the Seer's cathartic leadership, the former Sunfury Arcanist turned over a new leaf, initially by swearing off what he felt to be the corrupting influence of arcana, and instead immersing himself in tomes of The Seers Library. Such was the extent of his feverish saturation in the Scryer's lore that by simple familiarity alone he became a defacto (and later confirmed) librarian thereof.

Hermaedict's intensive study put him on two, parallel paths. The first was that of academia- to have learned so much and found himself at the precipice of recorded research was an unacceptable end for the elderly bookworm. Such it was that he was prompted to make his first forays into original research, writing, and even academic expeditions. Alongside this was Hermaedict's conversion proper into what would mature into a firm and unyielding faith in the light. The curative aura's of the Naaru at Shattrath healed the elderly ex-arcanist, and fuelled his passion to learn more, to greater educate himself in the body of the light.

These two budding, late life passions matured into his formal uptake of the twinned paths of the scholar and the paladin. With his research codex and mace he ventured out into the wilds to uncover and record lost lore for the benefit of all. Together the two vocations complemented each other superbly- as a paladin his studies and reflection upon the light was enhanced by his scholarly pursuits; just as his scholarly pursuits were made more achievable by his practical mastery of light wielding.

Though loyal first and foremost to the light and science (which he believes to be of one and the same), Hermaedict is nominally loyal to the Horde, insofar as his increasing involvement in The Reliquary demands it.