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    Unhappy Raiding SoOHM in 6.0.2 when Fire in 5.4.8

    I've read threads on the three specializations and learned the different changes that are going to happen when 6.0.2 is live.
    I could find many advices regarding the fights of SoO with the new talents, et cetera.
    However, I am quite lost regarding what spec I should play for maximum performance. Indeed, we are progressing on Garrosh HM, so it's important I can get the most out of my character. I am basically quite at ease in every spec, and I will have an entire afternoon to train on the changes. What concerns me is the choice of spec gearwise.
    I am a ilvl 585 Fire Mage, almost entirely BiS, all upgraded 4/4. I have a back up Arcane Gear quite full in every slot, however not gemmed nor enchanted. Plus and most importantly, it is far from being upgraded, so I'll probably drop 10 ilvl.
    To my understanding, I should stick with Fire for the next few weeks and then aim at Arcane when WoD is out.
    I would gladly benefit from any insight you can provide me.

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    If you have plenty of lesser charms, you can upgrade the gear no problem. As for what to play, I don't know myself either

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    You should try to stick with fire: There was a last minute balancing-hotfix that nerfed arcane and buffed fire/frost. So i think that there should not be a major problem for the few weeks until 6.0.2 comes out.

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    Fire > Arcane in WoD even without the nerfs thanks to movement and multi-target. Add in the nerf and it should be the clear choice.

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    Yeah, I recall some sims showing Fire>Arcane at level 90 6.0.2 and that was before the last minute buff to Fire and nerf to Arcane.

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