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    Tank with feral OS


    I was resto for 5.0, but my new guild needed a tank with DPS Os .. so i've been doing LFR to get gear (we are casual guild). My ilvl is 499 at the moment. I was wondering if there was a way to use guardian gear for kitty by changing a few reforge / gems , while i push my luck to get 2 agi sets.

    I know i could dps as Balance, but we already have 2 boomkins and i don't enjoy playing boomkin at all.

    The dps spec would be for a few fight only, so i don't mind not being top dps in the fight...i want to have at least decent numbers for a casual guild.

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    Guardian/Feral have different set bonuses and itemization now. Reforge wise you should want high mastery and crit/haste are roughly equal value.

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    It's totally fine if you just occasionally use kitty dps. My druid which is my alt basically use tank gears to dps, and he pulls decent number in raid (normally in between of top and mid group, sometimes top). I'm pretty sure I can pull more even be top dps if I reforge and gem properly, or get dps tier bonus, but it's not needed and I don't have enough gears to do that. Same as my monk. Most important thing is you do your rotation right. In MoP a well-played kitty with bear gears does more dps than a fail-played kitty with kitty gears.

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    If you're doing Throne of Thunder, you pretty much don't need an off-spec at all. Every fight is balanced around 2 tanks. It's possible to one-tank some of the encounters, but the execution is quite challenging and it requires having the right class comp. It's only a handful of encounters in the T14 raids that can/should be done with one tank - Spirit Kings, Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, Wind Lord Mel'jarak.

    Your bear gear won't be ideal for cat DPS. You want to run Crit/Stam gems as a bear and Stam enchants, because the conversion rate for Stam is so strong for bears. You could run with all Crit/Agi, but you'll be kinda squishy and you'll still not have the optimal stat priority for a Feral.
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    Stam gems as a bear and Stam enchants, because the conversion rate for Stam is so strong for bears.
    Well, depends. 10s Stamina is not nearly as necessary beyond swapping trinkets/flask as 25.

    But yeah, basically you gem all Agility as Feral, and avoid Agility gems like the plague as Guardian. You can do "ok" DPS in Guardian gear as Feral, but it won't be that great.

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    thank you for your answers!
    It's only for a few fight the firsts weeks when we do MSV HoF and ToES just so new raiders to see the difference between LFR and normal. being in the mid group would be good enough for us , i might do better than bear with no vengeance !

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