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    'Gorgeous' Greasly

    Name: 'Gorgeous' Greasly
    Race: Goblin
    Gender: Male
    Class: Hunter (Excavator, pawnbroker)
    Languages: Orcish, Goblin.
    Faction: Horde.
    Personality: Greasly gets excited about three things in the world; bargains, explosives, and seafood. He actually has a pet crab named 'twofifty' after the (outstanding) price he bought it for. In fact, he's so pleased with the bargain that he can't bring himself to eat the crab- he'd rather tote it around so he can tell people about the bargain price he secured for this prize crab. This is a nice metaphor for his general
    Appearance: Greasly's face is streaked with scars and studded with kajamite shrapnel, lodged into deep, charred grooves. He's tried to pick 'em out, but it hurts too much to do himself, and no way he's handing over cash to some quack with a pair of pliars. As such, the shrapnel remains.
    Strengths: Inventive, persistent, upbeat.
    Weaknesses: Greedy, flighty, reckless.
    History: 'Gorgeous' Greasly is an excavator by trade. He earned his nickname (and cut his teeth) in the explosive excavation game in the Kajamite mines back on Kezan- his rookie mistakes earning him a Kajamite shard-scarred face. Since then he's gotten a lot better, has worked with numerous cartels and companies with dirt-submurged interests, and only suffers explosive-related injuries no more than a dozen or so times per annum.

    Of late, having done his bit as a wandering journeyman, Greasly is returning to his Bilgewater roots- which as a matter of current affiars means his induction into the Horde proper. He has picked up emplyment with a Reliquary affiliated 'requisitions company' specialising in the recovery of priceless and powerful artifacts for submission to the Reliquary Grand Vault.

    In a completely unreleated sideline, Greasly has also started an antique reselling and pawnbroking business- based off an ever growing collection of curios inherited from the tragic passing of a distant uncles and aunts, all of which seem to have held an avid interest in archaeology. Greasly's can inherit things on commision too, if you see or hear about something in particular you'd like to have.

    Greasly is looking forward to the unique and sensitive challenges of explosively excavating ancient treasures without disintegrating too many of them-the mastery of which should form a decent basis for his progression to master demolisher and enable him to take on apprentices.

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    I like it - he's a simply and rather typical Goblin. I'd like to see more on his downfalls and how those have shaped his personality, plus that might give some extra depth.

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    Yeah definitely. I was thinking before I posted this 'hm he doesn't have remarkable strengths or weaknesses, or even a last name.'

    The thing is, I do RP him; just as an archetype. I struggle to find something meaningful or worthwhile to do with goblins, but nonetheless find them fun to play. A bit like an elizabethian vice or idiot (and most of the commedia del'arte archetypes); it's sometimes fun to sick to the forumale and play it out.

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