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  • Death Knight

    160 8.36%
  • Monk

    100 5.23%
  • Shaman

    109 5.70%
  • Druid

    91 4.76%
  • Paladin

    181 9.46%
  • Warlock

    69 3.61%
  • Hunter

    161 8.42%
  • Priest

    129 6.74%
  • Warrior

    132 6.90%
  • Mage

    332 17.35%
  • Rogue

    449 23.47%
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    Most boring class to play in WoW...

    Which class do you find the most boring to play? Why?

    I personally find my Mage way too boring to play. The rotation, the spells, just everything.
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    I would have to agree with Mage.

    I used to main a Shammy for a long time and never got bored of him, but totems aren't for some people. I've played every class and find Paladins and Mages the most boring.
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    Warlock. In fact I even deleted mine to make a monk... Which also turned out to be boring.
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    Warriors are boring, i suppose charging is fun but weapon swaping is lame

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    Mage by far. Anyone who has every class at 90 and doesn't say Mage is a damn liar.
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    I like magic, so warrior is pretty boring for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarthief View Post
    Mage by far. Anyone who has every class at 90 and doesn't say Mage is a damn liar.
    I have a Mage at 90, and my Blood DK is by far more boring.
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    Tanking is a bit okay, but Retri and Holy... bleh.

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    Rogue is the most boring class out of the ones that I've played at a maximum level.

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    Hunter, for me. It lacks both the fast pace of melee and the flashiness of casters. I despise playing kiting classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarthief View Post
    Mage by far. Anyone who has every class at 90 and doesn't say Mage is a damn liar.
    Or you know, has a different opinion. !
    I'd have to say shadow-priest. Mind blast/dot/dot/channel/mind blast/channel/dot/dot/dot/MB/channel/suicide

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    10 words ok

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    Pandaren Monk Bodom's Avatar
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    I have played every single class and every single specc, and raided as pretty much anything...

    And druid is the most boring class in my opinion. Boomkins are boring casters, ferals feels like bad rogues, bear tanking just isn't fun at all and resto is my least favourite healing specc.

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    Mage, I just find them way to boring and don't like the rotation

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    I find rogue extremely boring to play in pve, it was painful to get him to 90. But for pvp I love the class. It's kind of wierd..

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    Feral druid is like watching paint dry; waiting for energy, and endlessly refreshing buffs/debuffs. Hate it nowdays.

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    Any caster or healer lol

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    Rogue for me;/ I've tried levelling a few rogues, and most of the time I get to around level 50 ish and just go *meh* I got one to level 71 recently, then got the *meh* vibe again, even though I don't have a warrior or DK at max level, I still find them more interesting to play than a Rogue.. then again I'm not a huge fan of melee classes in the first place

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    Rogues are so boring, your finishers hit for nothing and things like SnD have no noticeable effect on what you're doing if you aren't looking at recount. None of the rogue toolkit works together they're all standalone abilities tied together by combo points. Even if you do everything right most of your damage will come from melee and poisons which are completely passive. Your class defining ability stealth is only used a couple times each fight and doesn't provide much when you actually do use it in PvE. They just feel so outdated.

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