View Poll Results: Most boring class?

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  • Death Knight

    160 8.36%
  • Monk

    100 5.23%
  • Shaman

    109 5.70%
  • Druid

    91 4.76%
  • Paladin

    181 9.46%
  • Warlock

    69 3.61%
  • Hunter

    161 8.42%
  • Priest

    129 6.74%
  • Warrior

    132 6.90%
  • Mage

    332 17.35%
  • Rogue

    449 23.47%
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    Rogue. I've never leveled one past 30 or 40.

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    Any class that has an energy bar, so basically rogue's, monks and druids in cat form.

    Gotta say that mages get boring petty quick aswell, I could only level my 85 mage (who was in the closet for a VERY long time), to level 87 when getting incredibly bored that I just couldn't log in anymore. Glad to see warlocks having the least amount of votes, its an awesome class

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    Druid. Name a spec and I guarantee I've fallen asleep playing it as a druid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winter Blossom View Post
    Which class do you find the most boring to play? Why?
    Eh, in what type of gameplay? PvP? PvE? Pet battles?
    Honestly I find paladin healing to not be my thing, though I've not played that much at all. However, my main Paladin is the class I love! I've a DK, not played as everything with her but I do enjoy tanking so I really like doing dungeons with my DK.

    My point is: I think every class have different "funzones" which really varies between players. I can't understand how people can think a mage is boring when it is such an interesting class to play. Don't get me wrong, I respect your opinions, I've just hard to agree
    Well met!

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    Interesting to see so many votes for mage. Granted, the only spec I like to play mage in is frost. Arcane and Fire for some reason I can't do it. I've also been unable to level a rogue/hunter and my priest is still stuck in Northrend.

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    Warrior, for start. It seems so god damn slow. I understand you're swinging 2 huge 2 handers, but fuuuucckkk, every ability you press has a delayed animation. Yes, I know it's like the hottest class to play right now, but damn, it's so boring to play. Too slow.

    Druids second. I mean EVERY SPEC is boring. Boomkins feel like a washed up caster class still trying to make it big. Feral is just a less exciting monk/rogue with more wait time between skills. Guardian is okay, but still boring compared to the other tanks. And Resto.. lawls.

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    Where's the: "I like them all for different reasons" option?

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    Rogue, by far.
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    Warrior for me. I leveled one to 60, deleted. Gave it another shot and leveled to 40, deleted. I just can't get into TBC content without being utterly bored with the class.

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    I like all classes, in the sense that they all represent a certain role and play-style. The ones I tend to leave in the closet are Rogue/Hunter/Warrior - all the others are usually max lvl and geared by the end of an expansion.

    I voted hunter as rogue is interesting for playing around in the world and messing with ppl (not actually pvping but stunning for fun etc...) and warrior is giving me a little interest. Hunter just.... no flame of love so far.

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    I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here and say Mage. Although I can't judge fairly there, since I have yet to reach the level cap on my mage in any expansion (having played it on and off since BC). I just have a hard time really enjoying the class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    I have played every single class and every single specc, and raided as pretty much anything...

    And druid is the most boring class in my opinion. Boomkins are boring casters, ferals feels like bad rogues, bear tanking just isn't fun at all and resto is my least favourite healing specc.
    Same opinion here, played all classes and all specs ... and druid is the most boring, while I find my Rogue not boring at all ^^ but my main is Monk which is the complete opposite of druids in my opinion !

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    Every class I don't have at 90:
    Rogue, Spriest, Druid, Monk

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    Monk for me. I'm trying to get one to 90 but it seems I can only stomach playing it a couple hours a week. Mage is 2nd place.

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    Sadly, mages are the most boring which is a shame because they have some of my favorite spells in the game (Greater Invisibility, Blink, Portals, Polymorph, Spell Steal). There just isn't enough variety between their three specs. If I'm bored with Fire, I'm not going to get much different playing Arcane or Frost.

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    Rogues, sorry rogues, monks killed you.

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    Played Rogue since the end of TBC. I think i'm more in love with the gnome then i am with the class lol. But i would never reroll. I've tried and failed a few times. I have every class at 80+ and i voted mage. Was the first char i ever raided on and i never will again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nixius View Post
    Rogues, sorry rogues, monks killed you.
    I actually totally agree, here. I've been saying it since MoP beta. To me, monk is a stealth button away from everything I wanted on my rogue. Since the introduction of monk, I haven't been able to seriously play my rogue without falling asleep at the keyboard.
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    Out of all the 90s I have, I have to say dk dependent on spec, I actually enjoy dw but 2H is completely brainless. Dw requires some thought to maximize dps, 2H frost just makes you push anything that lights up. Also mage is tied with it. I can't play my mage anymore after getting my warlock up to 90.

    So I vote mage and dk.

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    Mage and Rogue.

    It has to be a DPS only class and Warlocks and Hunters at least have some choice in having different pets/demons.
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