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  • Death Knight

    160 8.36%
  • Monk

    100 5.23%
  • Shaman

    109 5.70%
  • Druid

    91 4.76%
  • Paladin

    181 9.46%
  • Warlock

    69 3.61%
  • Hunter

    161 8.42%
  • Priest

    129 6.74%
  • Warrior

    132 6.90%
  • Mage

    332 17.35%
  • Rogue

    449 23.47%
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    The Patient Brutalion's Avatar
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    A tie between a DK and a monk. I don't really like the "new" classes.

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    Warrior. Yup

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    Rogue, it was the only class that bored me to the level where I didn't want to exp it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    I have played every single class and every single specc, and raided as pretty much anything...

    And druid is the most boring class in my opinion. Boomkins are boring casters, ferals feels like bad rogues, bear tanking just isn't fun at all and resto is my least favourite healing specc.
    This. Haven't even bothered to get my druid to 90 yet cause its just so boring.

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    I find every caster class to be boring.. Fury warriors are fun, and I can't believe people find rogues to be the most boring

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    still don't have Druid,priest and mage at 90 so can't say about this class, but from classes that i have i'd say Destro Warlock and Ele Shaman, very simple spec.

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    Man, the new age of resource management and near infinite pools of resource for most DPS users hasn't been kind to rogues. Do people really dislike their play style that much?
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    Mage and Paladin for sure.

    Warlock and Priest are the most fun IMO.
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    I have one level 90 of each class. Raided with all of them LFR and with few of them normal. Few heroics with my main.
    After all this i came to the following conclusion:

    Most boring class by far : Mage
    Second most boring but not even close to mage : Druid (playing feral dps and healing for raids and feral tank in 5 man heroics)

    Most interesting class to play overall : Paladin
    Paladin dps is underpowered atm but it's quite fun. Tankadin and Holydin are just awesome. Whenever i get tired of one spec i spec sth else and have a blast.

    Rogue being the most most boring class comes to me as a surprise. I love playing rogue. Very active and energetic gameplay and at the same time not overcomplicated. Pretty nicely balanced atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobthekiller View Post
    10 words ok
    Actually thats three words, and two numbers.

    I have to say any pure DPS-class, unless they have some kind of pet.

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    I have mostly every class expect monk and shaman as i dont like them.

    Mage is very fun to play,might be dull at some points but every class has that..
    Ret pala is abit boring to play as its my new main..
    Rouges,fun to level up at high levels(70+) but never raided further then wotlk with him but was fun for me in wotlk.
    hunter fun to level abit dull sometimes in raids which are tank and spank
    warrior is fun to level and play
    dk is fun to play
    druid...i hate druids ut love thier end game/pvp (RESTO)
    priest boring as fuck if ur not healing some were in a group. Shadow priests are abit dull.
    Warlock is fine but ehhh

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    At max level in a raid I'd say Lock or Mage. But I voted Rogue because in a raid you can get some good dps numbers with them but out in the world and leveling you can't bulldoze like a plate class or stand back any destroy like casters/ranged. Monks are close but I find a little more entertaining.
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    Mages were a lot more fun in Cataclysm. My Mage is stuck at 85, and I refuse to level him until next expac. Playing with him is like watching paint dry.

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    Priest and Paladin...

    And they both share a common factor that I believe is the reason why; they both only have 1 DPS spec. For me, choice is everything. Even if I choose to ignore the choices, having them there is enough. I don't tank. I don't heal. I kill shit. Only one DPS choice just makes me feel...restricted.

    Variety is the spice of life, and I like my food spicy.

    Have yet to get either one to 85 (despite restarting each several times) and Priest has never made it out of Outland.
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    Frost DK for me. 2 button spam almost...just no.
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    None honestly. I have every class and I enjoy them in their respective roles and playstyles. I ofc course favour some over others, but still.

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    Warrior for me, which is the reason I've never rolled one.

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    I had every class at 85.. Except rogues, couldn't get it past 40 without falling asleep. Same deal now except with 90.

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    Although to be frank it's less of them being boring and simply that I don't find them as enjoyable as the other classes, however that doesn't mean I dislike them (my main alt is a Paladin) and in fact I like them a lot.

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    Anything that doesn't heal is boring as hell for me.
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