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    Was MoP mostly good or mostly terrible for you?

    I keep seeing heated discussions on the subjects in other threads, and I can't help but wonder - how many people actually consider the expansion a success, and how many would consider it a failure?

    Personally? I'm leaning towards failure for all the generic reasons that were discussed a million times - dailies, grindiness, item level inflation, horrible pvp, etc. etc.. It wasn't -all- bad (Cross-realm raids / arenas finally mean I can play on RP server without feeling left out of pve/pvp) but the bad honestly outweighs the good for me.

    What do you think?
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    If we used sub loss as a measure of sucky-ness, MoP was the worst expansion yet.

    Which isn't surprising, because MoP was terrible.

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    It felt promising when it was released, and when it trailed on into 5.1 but I was bored of it by 5.2. Though I continue to play to this day, I've found it to be my least favourite expansion, and yes, that does mean I had more fun in Cataclysm, as ridiculous as that sounds. Mainly it was the Asian theme, unbalanced PvP, boring content patches and a lengthy 5.4. Also, the lore was somewhat average.

    Still to this day, Wrath of the Lich King is my favourite, and that's going to be a hard one to beat.

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    For my main it was ok and sometimes great, like the green fire quest.

    For my alts though it was from start to finish absolutely horrible.

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    Hard to pinpoint exactly how I feel about MoP, I think it was pretty terrible for me personally. Absolutely nothing grabbed me in the game as every other expansion did before (yes even Cata). Boring pandas, sub-par raid quality (Throne of Thunder was nice), wayyy sub-par lore, class balance all over the place etc. etc. I'm not forcing my opinion to anyone so you're free to disagree.

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    It was more in the middle for me. Most of my close friends quit which made it hard for me to do any content without them.

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    T14 was really buggy but T15 and T16 were top-notch tiers, taking pacing out of the equation. T17 looks to be shaping up just as well.

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    I enjoyed raiding for the most part except for the thunderforged and coin aspect of it. Didn't really play much outside of that because I disliked theme of the expansion

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    As a guy who has a hard-on for lore and story this was a great expansion.

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    Twas okay.
    5.0 was good.
    But after that I felt no interest in staying any longer.
    Just lived off 7-10 day passes for 5.2 and 5.4.
    Felt no interest in properly resubbing.

    I know the same thing will happen in WoD, but for some reason I still feel like I'm going to be suckered into paying for it. Ugh.
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    I really enjoyed MSV, HoF and the Terrace of the Endless Spring..

    But after that I really just did not enjoy the raids as much. ToTT was not too bad but it just was so boring to me. Horridon was my fav fight and after that it was just so monotonous.

    I also hated Amber Shaper with a passion in HoF, but now I look back and that's the only fight besides Garalon that I really remember, even though I hated both of them.

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    Mostly good despite my qualms about the theme, usual PvP imbalances, lack of additional 5 mans, boring and unchallenging 5 mans, LFR being awful as always (more of a community failing though), Garrosh escaping + WoD introduction time travel BS, rep gated VP gear, 10+ months of SoO, etc.
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    Raids were good outside of some irritating gimmicky bosses (Ambershaper). But loved ToT especially.

    Daily quest grind and legendary quest made it so in the end I didn't raid on an alt at all, which is pretty sad.

    Guess that balances out to "ok".

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    MoP is comparable to a mop. Great for some stuff awful for others.

    It had it's ups and downs, but overall I think it still came out okay. LFR seemed to have reached a low point that I just don't remember back in Cata and Wrath, the addition of Flex forced a lot of players into the same raid 3 times a week which wasn't fun, but pretty necessary if you wanted to progress fast. The introduction of flex overall though was great as it now means actual flexible raids, the whole Timeless Isle business was cool even if it did get a bit bland over time, but the concept was good.

    I liked Throne of Thunder, had some awesome encounters, SoO felt like a step back to me, barring a few fights like Spoils and Siegecrafter. Still kinda annoyed they ditched their initial Paragons idea, would've been cool if it'd just been tuned better to compensate the rotating bosses.

    While some aspects of the lore really didn't grip me, as the expac rounded off it piqued my interest again, but the whole Sha business, while connected to Y'Shaarj just felt a bit underwhelming as a concept to me. Tied into the Pandaren lore which I also wasn't massively into I felt some of the best moments were surrounding the Alliance and Horde not the continent. In short, we could've gone anywhere else and I would've been more interested. As a whole though, WoW is taking steps in the right direction again, I'm looking forward to seeing the Garrison mechanic playing out in future and maybe having the concept carry on with the game for a bit longer when we get back to Azeroth to face the Burning Legion someday.

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    MoP was the least amount of time I subbed at any point in the game. (Not counting vanilla since I started so late) In the beginning, I hit the brick wall of dailies and found I just couldn't be assed to grind 20 reps for gear that should have been drops. I made it about a month and a half and cancelled. I didn't come back until SOO hit and I definitely enjoyed it. It felt a bit strange using TI to gear in a day or two and jumping right into the final tier (yea, LFR hero, get over it) but TI was at least a fun grind the first time around and gave you benefits for alts as well. SOO itself was fun. As in all pug content it swung between infuriatingly hard to faceroll easy pending on the group. I unsubbed again after a few months and didn't come back till a few weeks ago when I pre-ordered. The first time I did either of the first two raid tiers was with my boosted DK. I feel like I'm in a holding pattern until WoD finally drops. At this point I'm just slowly leveling alts I didn't bother to at launch. I guess the time I played was mostly enjoyable but there was never anything that hooked me to the expansion. It all felt like filler. More so after WoD and all the massive changes were announced. BC had the epic feel and lore. Wrath had the massive story and overall singular focus. Even Cata had a genuine feeling of impending doom and an infamous and imposing (if poorly used) main villain. MoP feels like a field trip with little consequence to the rest of the games universe. We were fighting a dead emperor, a dead old god and a poorly written character turned into a poorly explained Hitler effigy. The net result of which is... nothing. We have to run the bastard down again in WoD. I wouldn't call MoP a success or failure. It held the line passably while massive changes were being implemented.
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    Even though LFR came out in late Cata, it wasn't until MoP that I really got to see the effects it would have on my raiding experience. Not getting any drops from normal raids for weeks and being forced to participate in LFR or else I'd be letting my guildmates down.

    The early rep-grind dailies were soul crushing but at least the BC fanboys enjoyed their trip down memory lane.

    The horrible PvP bugs and balancing issues - seriously, that hunter stampede bug went unnoticed by Blizzard for at least two seasons (having one of each pet providing a separate buff), and then the elemental shaman lava burst spam. All the classes that I played throughout MoP got no love in PvP whatsoever.

    Scenarios. All that effort that went into them and yet I couldn't bring myself to play them all. The magic number of players was definitely 5... 3 made the whole drawn-out experience beyond boring.

    I loved the new Pandaria continent though as well as the theme and updated graphics, but to be honest I liked Cata much better in terms of gameplay; especially the heroic dungeons that were actually challenging and felt like mini-raids.

    EDIT: I think the only thing that was really done well in MoP was the leveling experience. The end-game definitely felt like filler though. I always wondered to myself "Why do this now when I can do it later?".
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    For myself, MOP has been the worst expansion so far, and I've played every one except vanilla. Part of this is purely subjective, as i stopped playing all-together around the time TOT was released and only now came back, and while i admit objectively that the raid content fine, the story of the expansion did nothing for me. I don't like Pandaria and I don't like Pandaren. Most of the antagonist to me just felt made up , as well as many of the new races. I don't like the fish people, and i dislike the monkey people. We've had yet another set of insect people, both to help and to fight with. The mogu, for a titan-designed race, were somehow less then the iron dwarfs in my opinion. The Sha that are old-god leftovers don't really feel threatening after going against old gods directly. Finally, Garrosh boosted by the abovementioned old-god spillovers, to me just doesn't fit in the expansion ending line-up that contains an old god, Kil'jaeden, the Lich King and an aspect boosted by a proper old god.
    That said, it wasn't all bad, but i'm looking forward to putting it behind me, and hope WOD is better.

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    Fine before SoO, bad after. On balance, bad.

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    It was meh for me. I believe the whole asian theme just didn't do it.

    I'm much more excited for WoD.
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    I find it a bit of a mixed bag. I liked that there's a plethora of stuff to do (dailies, reputations, dungeons, raids, BG/RBG, Brawler's Guild, pet battles, arena, achievements, mount farming (Zandalari mobs), stuff like Isle of Giants, world bosses... just a lot to do for any player type

    OTOH, I didn't like the overall theme too much, especially "kill vermin and brew beer" of Vo4W, which just felt very lame after everything we did in TBC/ WotLK/ Cata. Also hated the 5.1 daily grind above all, too few Dungeons that went obsolete really quickly, and pretty bad raids imo (MSV/ HoF were average, ToES bad, SoO horrible, ToT good)

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