Looking for a new raiding guild that is pushing heroics and gearing up for 5.4 progression. Im available Tues,Thurs, Sat all day or Late night any day after 10pm pst or 11pm on fridays. Early Morning may also work as well.

I started playing WoW about a year ago right before Mists came out and i instantly started to want to get better, to be better and i was always researching my class. When Mists launched i was about 45 mins away from server first 90, which was disappointing but shows the commitment i was putting into the game. I got into the raiding scene late when MoP came out, as my guild disbanded. I was then jumping around and every group i joined broke apart. It was discouraging and i didnt get much of tier 14 raiding progression. Tier 15 i joined a group and progressed current tier and finished it. Starting working on heroics when i was benched by my guild due to time restraints and i was unable to fix them. Im very dedicated and willing to take direction and advice. Very solid player, just having a bit of a bad luck streak.

Anything else you can message me in game lacias#1458
I will be willing to xfer faction and race if need be to find a decent group.

Tier 14: 16/16(most coming after the 5.2 nerf)
Tier 15: 12/12N and currently working on heroics

Cant post links yet
World of logs: www(DOT)worldoflogs(DOT)com/guilds/273222/
WoWprogress: www(DOT)wowprogress(DOT)com/character/us/area-52/Lacias

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