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    Unfortunately these kinds of activities do not help much to restore the population balance. Servers like Mal'Ganis, Sargeras, etc, are basically PVE servers for their respective dominant faction. Other than going to CRZ lands, there is absolutely no WPVP, and I guess some people like that way.

    I don't know why Blizzard remains hell-bent on refusing server mergers for US realms. On TW side, we just had mergers for six of the biggest lopsided servers, and the result has been great.

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    Up to 75! Come tag along guys!
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    rapidly growing with cool people. join now!

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    Having a blast so far. Need more 90s.

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    Still blasts to be had here guys. Just hit guild level 20 today and members keep joining. Come be part of the fun, as well as something special.

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    Yeah, I'm going to create my Draenei Monk right now, I'm Thupp Horde side, UD monk.

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    Watch out guys; Fred is french and will pout at you if you don't level fast enough!

    Project is going well. I popped onto my toon (Haven't had much time to level it lately) and there' always a good chunk of people on.
    This is going far better than the doomsayers are thinking it would have.

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    Thanks for the kind words Shirt!

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    Why would anybody think that this would fail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevJ View Post
    Why would anybody think that this would fail?
    Most likely because attempts at this have failed before in the past for various reasons;
    The biggest flag being that they're trying to fix the entire balance instead of getting people in who enjoy pressured wPvP play and the challenge.

    Vigil has this project's back and I believe they're trying to put together a raid team sometime to get the flow going a bit stronger; Something apparently the other projects barely did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    id really like to see more than ojsimpsonn trying to gank at halfhill (and actually, wpvp somewhere else other than halfhill)

    he always runs away when he cant ST people to death
    As over-rated as wpvp is I have to admit, the silly 1-2 man teams raiding halfhill on their own is kinda pathetic. But on the otherside of the hill, I came to Mal'ganis specifically to get away from low-med pop servers because I was tired of trivial items like flasks, food, enchants, gems and crafted raid epic mats costing an arm a leg a left nut, ect. That and to actually have a variety of guilds instead of the single ma&pa guilds that are stuck in last tiers progression and are the only guild on said server that raids when I'm available. That was always so fun, wiping on Cho'gall because people weren't aware enough to avoid things on Shannox even after the giant 30% nerf. Oh Firelands.

    On topic, I'd gladly help, but sadly 11 character slots prevent me and the lack of money to faction something up. Good luck though, more spriest button mash ganking to be had.
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    Just delete a toon like I did

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    I was with you back when Crown Defiance did this. I think my toon is still in that guild (or was).

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    Guild is now lvl25 and growing still! Need more support

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredz View Post
    Guild is now lvl25 and growing still! Need more support
    Perhaps I am missing something obvious but, what exactly is the name of the guild? Could you edit it into the first post of the thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soratrox View Post
    Perhaps I am missing something obvious but, what exactly is the name of the guild? Could you edit it into the first post of the thread?
    I feel pretty retarded now.

    <Punching Bag> (Lvl25) is recruiting!!!

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    Hello, is it me you're looking for?

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