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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredz View Post
    Long time no see!
    I can see it in your eyes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lopk View Post
    So, we could either roll on a dead server and have a seemingly miserable time, or roll on a thriving one and have a blast.

    :| It really shouldn't be up to the players to fix this; Blizzard NEEDS to get on those server mergers asap.
    I absolutely agree with this. Players run from servers like Mal'ganis, not to them. Create an alt on one of these dead servers and /who the latest raid during prime raiding hours: there will be no one. You won't even get 49 Ally in Stormwind...

    It's one thing to be the underdog and another to not have anyone to play with or look for days for a simple enchant/ gem cut. No thanks.

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    It's a work in progress but we currently have about 45 people on at peak times, and that's just from our guild. That's not counting all the other guilds on MG Alliance. Raids and RBGs will be starting soon!

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    Honestly, they need to merge servers, and stop pussyfooting with crz. Yes, its great technology, but it still doesnt fix the damn problems. Some servers seriously just need to be merged. Crz fixes the outside world, not the cities, not the auction houses, not trading. Some people love servers with lil to no population, yet they get screwed with crz, so those people actually hate it, while others, like me, I like seeing tons of people afkn in undercity or doing auctions or calling for more then 5 pug groups at a time.. now I barely see 1 an hr... at peak.

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    I don't know why this wasn't moved to Guild Recruitment. Moved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfen View Post
    Honestly, they need to merge servers, and stop pussyfooting with crz.
    they are not pussyfooting - think about CRZ and virtual realms as a demo version of bigger server - once players taste it - they will be more eager to actually transfer off for $ to highest pop servers. brilliant $ making machines.

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